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11 Christmas Breakfast Recipes That Aren’t Cinnamon Rolls

From eggnog pancakes to bacon popovers, you’ll tear into these dishes faster than anything Santa left under the tree.

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Cranberry Ricotta Scones The cranberry in these scones adds a tart flavor burst that evokes the season, and the ricotta gives them a softer texture.

Bacon and Cheese Strata This savory bread pudding combines the best of breakfast—bacon and cheesy eggs—in one dish. The recipe also cleverly suggests baking it in springform pan so that when it’s unmolded and brought to the table, it creates a sharp presentation to impress guests.

Gingerbread Waffles At Christmas time, people need their gingerbread fix. If you want to keep them from tearing down your gingerbread house to get it, make these waffles.

Leek, Mushroom and Gruyere Quiche The tang of the sour cream in this recipe pairs well with the sweetness of the sauteed leeks and the earthiness of the button mushrooms.

Eggnog Pancakes With Cinnamon Syrup This is an easy way to make your pancake recipe festive. If you’re at an adults-only gathering, swap out the cinnamon syrup for a bourbon-infused maple syrup, to spike your pancakes just like a glass of nog.

Coffee and Maple Panettone This Italian sweet bread, which originated in Milan, is now served around the world at Christmas. This version eschews the candied fruit you’d normally find in a panettone so the flavors of coffee and maple shine.

Apple-Cinnamon Buttermilk Cake Put those last few apples of fall harvest to good use with this bundt cake. It’s just as perfect for afternoon coffee or tea as it is for Christmas brunch.

Pecan Kringle The Danes make some of the world’s best pastries, and the kringle—a communal ring of buttery goodness—is a perfect sweet treat for Christmas morning.

Bacon and Goat Cheese Popovers To get your popovers to rise properly so they have their signature, airy insides, make sure not to overbeat your mixture. If you treat it like a good pancake batter and leave a few lumps, you’ll achieve perfect puffiness.

Cinnamon, Fruit, and Marzipan Wreath While not everyone is a fan of marzipan (a confection made of ground almonds), it can be found across Europe at Christmas feasts, either as candies or in baked goods like this pastry wreath.

Boozy Salted Caramel French Toast Christmas is when families gather to spend time together. For some families, that goes better with a little tipple to steady the ship.