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In a quest to make everything in my life look pulled together so maybe it someday will be, I seek out products that look good in my house and make my life easier and cleaner. I don’t expect the items in my garage to be organized alphabetically, but I need what’s right in front of my face to look good and feel clean in order for mental chaos to not take over.

Enter: A new lifestyle cleaning product that is not only fun and cute—in the always beloved

Scandinavian style

—but takes care of business better, lasts longer and will come to your door, Skura Style.

It won’t do the work for you; you still have to physically pick it up with a hand, and move it around on surfaces (I suggested they add an automated arm – you know, like a Roomba but for your counter). But as you are doing the work, it is firmer, cleans more thoroughly (but not abrasively), and dries out to the original shape making it last a lot longer.

This Skura Style sponge doesn’t trap food particles, it washes out, and rinses clean, and it inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew, which if you have used an old gross sponge over and over you know how nice this is. We are not the type of family who has a calendar or system for our sponge use.

I don’t know which one goes on the floor versus counter, bathroom versus kitchen. I realize this is useful knowledge and that Martha Stewart would probably have some heated words for me. But, we have 12 toothbrushes in the kids bathroom if that tells you what’s happening in the under belly at the Henderson home. So, a subscription service for good quality and lovely-to-look-at sponges is something that once signed up for, would help me immensely.

What is great about Skura Style is that they send you four sponges (different colors so if you wanted to organize your rooms or tasks by color, you can) and will send them every month or every other month depending on the subscription you sign up for. You can replace them earlier if you need, and they give you a hint that it’s time because that very poppy monogram will fade.

Did I ever think I would opt for a subscription service for sponges? Nope. But my toothbrush, cat food, and virtually all my groceries or meals are pre-ordered and are delivered daily, weekly, or monthly so why not check the sponge box off the mental list?