Published on August 17, 2017

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Photography by Hapa Nom Nom

Easy to grill and extremely versatile, it’s no wonder the hot dog is an all-American favorite. But even though summer is coming to a close (we’re sad too), don’t put that grill away just yet: These mouthwatering hot dog recipes will have you leaving the simple ketchup and mustard version in the dust.

Thai Style Hot Dogs

If you’re hosting the big game but don’t want to serve the same old boring hot dogs, why not surprise your guests with these babies by Hapa Nom Nom? The sriracha sauce and Thai chilis add plenty of spice, while the cilantro provides a pop of color. Who knew swapping out noodles for a piece of meat could work so well?

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Photography by Oh, Sweet Basil

Sonoran Hot Dog

Talk about a loaded hot dog: Layered with Mexican flavors like pico de gallo and a homemade cilantro cream sauce, this recipe by Oh, Sweet Basil did all the creative thinking for you. All you need now is a grocery run and fired-up grill.

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Photography by Port And Fin

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Hot Dogs

Let’s be honest: Bacon-wrapped anything is great, but when paired with fresh guacamole and jalapeno? Now, that’s worthy of a dinner entree all on its own. This slightly spicy meal by Port And Fin can be made in the oven, and it’s topped off with caramelized onions and melted cheese. As the creator of this recipe says, “Sorry vegetarians, you’ll have to sit this one out.”

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Photography by Molly Yeh

Banh Mi Hot Dogs

For a healthier take on the classic dog, try these veggie-filled ones by Molly Yeh. They have just the right balance of meat and greens, and the hoisin-sriracha sauce combo will have you wondering why you never went Vietnamese-style with hot dogs in the first place.

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Photography by Country Cleaver

Seattle Smoked Salmon Hot Dog

There are no rules when it comes to topping hot dogs, and that’s just the way we like it. Smoked salmon, cubed cream cheese, cilantro, and red onion turns an ordinary dog into an epic treat—you won’t want to store your grill after seeing this recipe from Country Cleaver.

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Photography by Neighborfood Blog

Greek Hot Dogs

Hummus and tzatziki on a frank? Genius. The Mediterranean flavors used in this recipe by Neighborfood Blog work unbelievably well with the good ol’ American dog. Top it off with diced peppers and onions for an added crunch, and you’ll never see hot dogs the same way again.

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Photography by Cooking And Beer

Hot Dogs With Chipotle Cheese And Bacon-Corn Relish

The ingredients in this recipe by Cooking And Beer are pure perfection: Melted cheddar cheese, green chiles, tomatoes, and chipotle peppers come together for a creamy sauce you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Top the sauce with the delicious relish, and pair it with your favorite beer—yum.

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Photography by Cooking On The Front Burners

Buffalo Style Hot Dogs With Blue Cheese

These medium-hot buffalo dogs by Cooking On The Front Burners are super easy to recreate—they take less than 20 minutes, and use only four ingredients for the toppings. Who needs buffalo wings when you can make these in a pinch instead?

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