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We all know how to chomp into an apple and throw a handful of berries into our mouths, but the more complicated stuff? That’s another story. Which is why we rounded up 15 cool fruits that you probably don’t know how to buy, eat, or cut—and maybe even some you’ve never even heard of.  Familiar or not, they’re delicious, and you don’t want to kick off summer without being savvy when it comes to fancy fruit.


Okay, okay. We all know what mango is, but cutting the slippery fruit? There are actually a few ways, all of which you can learn here.


These guys have a hard shell, which actually makes them easier to get into. Simply cut the fruit in half and easily pop the edible part out of each end.


Also called the horned melon, this fruit resembles a cucumber in taste, but not in outward appearance. All you need to do is cut in half and scrape to try. Watch to learn more about what kiwano actually tastes like.


Durian is by far the smelliest fruit around. Whether you think it smells like onions, cheese, or just plain bad, get ready for a seriously pungent smell. Seeing how the fruit is cut looks way more interesting than actually tasting it. See for yourself.

star fruit

Did you know you can eat the skin of a star fruit? This one’s fairly easy… Wash, cut, Instagram (obvs) and enjoy.


Chances are you’ve sipped a lychee cocktail, but never peeled this tiny fruit yourself. Watch this guy show you two ways to get into the fleshy fruit with your hands.


Persimmons have a small but mighty group of fans who can’t stop raving about the flavor and texture of these fruits. Watch as this woman shows you how to cut and eat two different types of persimmon.


Jackfruit is huge like durian, but seemingly much more enjoyable to eat. Watch as one fruit stand worker deconstructs the big fruit and peels away the hard shell to reveal a fruit similar to the mango in appearance.


If we’re talking strictly looks, mangosteens are like a nice mix of oranges and lychees. Cut and twist off the hard shell to reveal a smooth, white flesh that tastes sweet and sour.


You know the drill. Cut, pound, and devour the tiny seeds.

dragon fruit

Learn three different ways to cut and enjoy this beautiful fruit—including using it as a drink garnish. Yum!

passion fruit

Watch this man teach you how to open the hard shell of a passion fruit with your hands. Don’t worry, he follows up with a quick lesson in cutting the fruit in half, too.

prickly cactus pears

Yep, cacti produce fruit, or better yet, pears, that are edible! And colored beautifully, might we add. Learn how to cut and eat both varieties that you can buy at your local grocery store.

star apple

We’ve heard you’ll never go back to the “regular” thing after trying a star apple. By now, you should have the hang of the “cut and twist” method that many people use to remove the hard shell of exotic fruits. And remember, don’t eat the skin!


Okay, you’ve probably cut a pineapple before, but on the off chance that you hadn’t, we HAD to include it. Why? Because it is so delicious and summery that everyone needs to know how to buy a fresh pineapple, when to cut into it, and a few different methods.