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In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all about making meals easier and tastier. And in the summer months, that means taking it to the grill or opting out of cooking altogether. Add a stick and you have, quite possibly, the most convenient meal of the season. We rounded up 33 of our favorites—spanning across all meals and cuisines—just for you.

grilled steak kebabs with chimichurri sauce

Are you addicted to Chimichurri sauce yet? (We sure are.) Add to your grilled steak kebabs for an instant upgrade.

watermelon, feta, and blackberry skewers

Yum. Just add basil and watch your dinner guests’ eyes light up with happiness.

mini banana pancake skewers

Breakfast can be on a stick, too! Seriously, how delicious do these mini pancakes look? They’ll no doubt steal the show next time you host a brunch.

rainbow fruit kabobs

Skewering fruit is possibly the easiest and most fun way to serve the healthy, refreshing bites. Make yours in a rainbow gradient for a picture perfect fruit dish.

melon, proscuitto, and mozzarella skewers

If you haven’t tried this flavor combo, make this recipe asap. The salty and sweet balance each other in a way that makes our mouths water just looking at this photo.

donut hole skewers

Store bought even looks good on a skewer! Keep this trick in your back pocket when hosting large breakfasts or brunches.

antipasto salad kabobs

Salad on a stick? Yeah, we went there. Add mostly meats and cheese (don’t forget the olives!) for a tasty pre-meal treat.

campfire cinnamon roll-ups

Bored of cooking marshmallows over your campfire? Try this recipe for cinnamon rolls.

hawaiian chicken kebabs

To say we’re salivating over these kebabs would be a huge understatement.

bacon and brussels sprout skewers

Paleo isn’t a problem—at least for this brussels sprouts and bacon appetizer.

char-grilled chicken skewers

This recipe is coming in hot from the CATCH NYC kitchen, courtesy of Executive Chef John Beatty. This recipe yields 20 skewers, making it perfect for any small gathering. Keep reading for the full ingredient list and instructions on how to make this tasty dish.


Chicken Breast, cubes (1/2 inch by 1/2 inch) – 2lbs Chicken marinade-Sambal Chili Sauce – 1 cup Sweet soy Sauce – 1 cup Salt – 1 tsp Lemon juice – 2 oz. BBQ Glaze-Sweet Soy – 1 cup Butter – 2 tbsp Ketchup – 1 cup


1. Cut the chicken breast into 1⁄2 inch perfect squares, or roughly the size of a large grape. Mix the chicken marinade and chicken breast and let marinate overnight. The next day, add three pieces of chicken thigh per stick and grill until cooked to perfection. Add the BBQ glaze to your skewers and finish in the oven until internal cooking temperature reaches 165 degrees. Garnish with thin sliced chives for a nice finishing touch.

spring veggie and lemon moroccan chicken skewers with minted goat cheese yogurt

Stomach, meet your new favorite summer meal.

grilled portobello mushrooms on skewers

Charred or tender, one thing is for sure… Whoever is chowing down on a side of these mushrooms is going to leave dinner with a full, happy belly.

(Need more vegetarian recipes you can throw on the grill? We have those.)

fajita chicken kebabs

Summer in a skewer, these chicken kebabs will satisfy all of your cravings.

sweet and savory breakfast toasts

Instead of folding your fruits into your sandwich, making it messy and difficult to eat, skewer it! And drizzle honey at your own risk…

shrimp-boil kebabs

Yep, that’s corn, sausage, shrimp, AND potatoes. Unique flavor combos—especially on the grill—are kind of our thing.

cherry, bacon, and blueberry kebabs

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, we’re certain these sweet and savory appetizers will be a hit with ANY crowd.

cold cut and club sandwich skewer recipes

You could eat a regular sandwich, or you could eat a sandwich on a stick. It’s safe to say we’re opting for the latter.

pork satay

Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen reminds us that we can easily marinade pork, chicken, or shrimp in this recipe made of sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, and tumeric.

sesame asparagus rafts

Skewer some asparagus “rafts” and throw them on the grill for a creative twist on the BBQ staple.

(We have more unexpected apps and main dishes to skewer and serve.)

candy kabobs

This skewer will steal the hearts of both children AND adults. Create a DIY station for your next party or serve different combinations of sweet and sour candies.

rainbow veggie skewers

Use this rainbow gradient trick to get your little ones to explore more types of vegetables—or to simply spice up your usual routine at the grill.

sriracha chicken kebabs

Paired with cilantro vinaigrette, you can’t go wrong with this spicy almond-coated chicken kebab recipe.

coconut honey lime filipino chicken adobo skewers

Confirmed: This flavor combination tastes as good as it sounds (AND looks).

greek lamb souvlaki plates with avocado tzatziki

This six ingredient marinade is easy and so, SO worth it. Visit Half Baked Harvest to get the deets on all the ingredients she recommends adding for the perfect plate.

mini corn dogs

Corn dogs are the original meal on a stick! Make mini dogs for an easy (beer battered) appetizer guests will love.

grilled teriyaki shrimp skewers with asian slaw

Yum, yum, and more yum. We’ll never tired of this classic combo.

herbed beef skewers with horseradish cream

Ditch your regular old wood skewer for a stick of rosemary.

spicy-honey glazed chicken and sweet potato kebabs

Make this dish early in the summer and you’ll instantly add it to your regular rotation at the grill. The combination of the spicy rub and sweet honey glaze makes this savory dish one you’ll definitely want to repeat.

pesto tortellini skewers

Cook, toss, skewer, devour. This fresh take on pasta salad will have your guests copying your appetizer menu at their next bash.

green fruit kebabs

Creating colorful kebabs is fun, but this monochrome green collection makes us just as happy. The sweet and sour flavor combination is sure to please your palette.

grilled ranch potatoes

At first, you might feel silly skipping the meat with your potatoes. Don’t worry, once you taste these delish ranch potatoes nothing else will matter (plus, your vegetarian friends will thank you).

taco lime grilled shrimp

Add this shrimp to your summer pasta, salads, tacos, or quesadillas for a delicious and flavorful meal. The secret ingredient? Taco seasoning (yes, REALLY).