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It’s a flower! come on now. There’s nothing about eating (or making) this lunch that isn’t a good time. The petals are sweet potato tater tots, by the way. 

happy little bento Something about the bento box makes totally normal looking food so much cuter. The little animal guys help too, really. Soba noodles are a lunch classic, but we have a feeling they’ll taste MUCH better this way.

We didn’t know it was possible to be this hungry AND jealous at the same time. 
Shut. Up. 
So THAT’S what you do with old Mr. Potato head stuff!
Cannot even handle. MOM! Why didn’t you make us rice pigs? Oh, right. Because this is probably pretty complicated, TBH. 
Just sit there and appreciate this for a moment. 
Can we send along a forwarding address for this lunch? 
It’s a windmill. You guys it’s a windmill. How sad is your salad now??
If you have anything important to do today, do not get lost in this Instagram feed. You will never stop. You’ve been warned.
Burger kabobs! [Stomach growls].