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Have you experimented the current “it” spirit? Mezcal is tequila’s hip older cousin, made from a specific type of agave that gives the liquor a slow-roasted, smoky flavor. There are dozens of delicious ways to dabble in mezcal, so check out our favorite cocktails that call for the smoky, sometimes spicy Mexican spirit.

cucumber mezcal margaritas

At your next outdoor dinner party, stir up a pitcher of cucumber mezcal margaritas. The smokiness of the mezcal is offset by the refreshing taste of cucumber, This blogger so accurately put it — these cool cocktails practically “scream summer!”

Get the recipe from Hola Jalapeno.

grilled pineapple and jalapeno mezcal margarita

We’re big fans of putting fruit on the grill. The slow-roasted flavor of a nice mezcal pairs perfectly with grilled pineapple, and the dash of jalapeno-infused tequila gives this marg a serious kick.

Get the recipe from Will Cook For Friends.

prickly pear mezcal mule

What’s pear-flavored and perfectly pink? This Prickly Pear Mezcal Mule! We’ll cheers to that.

Get the recipe via Freut Cake.

four winds cocktail

Mezcal and Meyer lemons — an unexpected (but delicious) combination. Forget the tart flavor of a traditional lemon. Meyer lemons are sweet, tangy, and give this cocktail a gorgeous golden hue.

Get the recipe via One Martini.

spicy mezcal old fashioned

Trade in your traditional and subtly sweet Old Fashioned recipe for some spice! This recipe calls for both mezcal and tequila instead of whiskey, and it’s the perfect cocktail for your more adventurous dinner party guests to try.

Get the recipe via Luvo, Inc.

pineapple and mint mezcal smash

This mezcal smash recipe may be as fresh as it gets. Combine mezcal, crushed pineapple, a bit of fresh juice and muddled mint leaves for a sweet and smoky summer treat.

Get the recipe via By Gabriella.

the oaxacan slushie

Talk about an Instagram opportunity. The Oaxacan Slushie cocktail is a combination of mezcal, strawberry, lime, beet juice, and is rimmed with chili powder. Plus, that rich red color will look great in every filter.

Get the recipe via Artful Desperado.

the rosy rosa

A Paloma cocktail is one of the most authentic ways to serve a taste of Mexico. This variation calls for grapefruit juice, rose-flavored soda, and a heavy pour of mezcal.

Get the recipe via My Domaine.

frozen peach and chambord mezcal margaritas

You had us at frozen peaches. These icy and sweet margaritas have an unexpected splash of Chambord that give them a rich hint of raspberry.

Get the recipe via Holly and Flora.

especiado cocktail

Whip up a batch of these mezcal cocktails and you’ll look like a true mixologist. The token ingredients? A cinnamon stick, a star anise pod, and a lemon slice as delicate garnishes.

Get the recipe via Bon Appetit.

rising sun cocktail

This cocktail from Portland’s Toro Bravo hits all the right notes — sweet, salty, tart, and smoky.

Get the recipe via Saveur.

raspberry mezcal smash

A refreshing raspberry smash seems like the perfect cocktail to sip as you wind down from a busy week. Is it Friday yet?

Get the recipe via By Kara Elise.

ruby bolt cocktail

Grapefruit, ginger, lime, and a bit of authentic Mexican spice? That’s something we can definitely get behind. We can’t wait to try these pretty, pastel-hued cocktails.

Get the recipe via Camille Styles.

michelada oaxaqueña

This homemade michelada mix is packed with fresh veggies and spices. Whip up Micheladas Oaxaqueñas for a fun alternative to your traditional Bloody Mary.

Get the recipe via Camille Styles.

mezcal paloma

For a perfectly pretty cocktail, give this version of a Mezcal Paloma a try. We’d mix a pitcher full for a party, or a starter cocktail the next time you have friends over for dinner.

Get the recipe via Zester Daily.

hibiscus mint mezcal margarita

Boil homemade hibiscus tea from dried flowers to create this pleasantly purple cocktail. It’s half sweet, half smoky, and all around delicious.

Get the recipe via Lola’s Cocina.

sriracha mezcal cocktail

If you can’t stand the heat… maybe don’t try this cocktail. It calls for a blend of spicy mezcal and Sriracha sauce, so if you like things spicy, you’ll like this.

Get the recipe via Pati Jinich.

mezcal sunshine

This cocktail is a combination of two major of-the-moment ingredients behind the bar — mezcal and Aperol! Whip up a batch and you’ll earn a serious gold star from your foodie friends.

Get the recipe via Honest Cooking.

rosemary mezcal slushie

We rarely turn down a boozy slushie. This one is accented by hints of rosemary and Angostura bitters, and it tastes as good as it looks!

Get the recipe via Probably This.

frida’s mule cocktail

If there’s a Moscow Mule on the menu, we’ll be there. Try this fun and fiery rendition, using jalapeño infused mezcal, lime juice and ginger beer, as opposed to the traditional vodka variation.

Get the recipe via Bloglovin’.

mezcal mai tai

Who doesn’t love a Mai Tai? With equal parts tequila and mezcal, this pretty pink one will have you buzzin’ after a few sweet sips. But can you limit yourself to just one?

Get the recipe via Oh So Beautiful Paper.