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It’s no secret that sage has been leading the charge among paint trends this year (see almost every brand’s color of the year for 2022). But as much as we love the soothing hue, we thought the allure of green kitchen cabinets would start to wane by now. However, according to Bobby Berk, this style isn’t fading away anytime soon. 

We recently got a chance to talk about all things design with Berk, who was asked to weigh in on Yelp’s latest Summer Home report, and he confessed to us that “the trend of green cabinets is definitely here to stay.” The Queer Eye designer believes the shade’s versatility—it can go classic, modern, or anywhere in between—is what will make this statement last. And as for a countertop style to complete the look? He’s loving quartz right now. The fact that it comes in so many colors (including green!), its durability, and its easy-to-clean texture make it a top contender for any hardworking surface. We’re totally on board with the verdant trend living on a while longer, so we’ve rounded up some inspo for keeping this foliage-inspired style fresh. 

Go Matchy-Matchy

If you’re fully committed to “going green,” bring it all the way up—as in, up to the ceiling—with a matching backsplash for an impactful tone-on-tone look, as designer Rebecca Gibbs did in her Texas home.

Go for a Different Shade

From soothing olive to eye-catching emerald, there’s a full spectrum of hues beyond sage to play with. We’re loving this turquoise that auction house specialist Rebekah Bowling chose in defiance of the neutral vibes Southern California has become synonymous with.  

Go With an Unexpected Combo

If you still have a soft spot for sage, try kicking it up with a color like coral to give the soothing tone a boost of energy. Pair it with a high-contrast marbled quartzite as Pluck cofounder George Glasier did in this London space to really heat things up.