Love Don’t Cost a Thing—But $20-or-Less Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Nice, Too

We heart them all.

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We’ve heard that the best things in life are free, but we also fully understand the specific joy of presenting a gift to someone you love, whether it’s a partner, roommate, or family member. So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve rounded up 35 of our favorites—all for $20 or less—that are so much cuter than anything you’ll find last minute in the CVS aisles. 

And because each of these cheap thrills is so affordable, from a $10 waffle iron (to pair with breakfast in bed, of course) to a $4 matchbox decorated with a bouquet, you can stock up and give them to everyone on your list whom you heart.

Life of the (Dinner) Party

Bobby Berk Multi Stripe Cloth Napkins (Set of 6), QVC

$25 $14

Currently on sale for $14, these vibrant napkins are just over $2 each. Designed by Bobby Berk, shades of electric blue and lime green bring instant festivity to a table.

A Perfect Match

Decorative Variegated Tulips & Swift Matchbox, Amazon


A fancy latte is consumed in minutes, and for the nearly same price you can buy an impossibly charming matchbox to leave on their coffee table. Opting for the floral print basically means it’s a bouquet, too. 

Some Like It French

French Press Coffee Maker, Bodum

$28 $18

Breakfast just got a makeover. Might we recommend pairing this tomato red French press with the Sunday paper?

Fun Puzzle Pieces

A Fruity Fiasco Puzzle

Le Puzz

The best gifts offer an activity to enjoy together, and what better pastime than a cheeky petite puzzle?

Sweet Thing

Deux Cranes Chocolate, Big Night


Valentine’s Day chocolate can get cheesy fast. But not when it’s Deux Cranes, serving up unexpected flavors like crème brûlée and matcha with caramelized sesame. 

Slow Burn

Dipped Blue Taper Candles, Set of 2, Crate & Barrel

$7 $5

Nothing sets the Valentine’s Day mood like candlelight. Pair this gift with a romantic home-cooked dinner for two.

Real Love

Cooking for Jeffrey


Name a more dynamic duo. And as far as we’re concerned, making Ina Garten’s recipes for your S.O. is the definition of romance. 

Hot Stuff

Lodge Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet, Williams Sonoma


An 8-inch skillet is as adorable as cookware gets. Plus sometimes your person just needs to fry one egg.

Two for One

Hinoki Forest Incense

Good Friend

It’s hard to believe that this incense kit, hinoki box and all, is only $20. A forest scent makes it perfect for nature lovers and indoorsy folks alike.

Dream Cream

Hand Cream, Salt & Stone


You can’t buy this hydrating hand cream at CVS, but the price isn’t much higher than Eucerin. Plus the tube will look way better on their nightstand. 

Heart Throb

Dash Red Heart Mini Waffle Maker, Target


Homemade waffles are pretty sweet as is; make them heart-shaped and you’ve got the most lovable meal of all time. Plus you can’t argue with that 5-star rating.

Bookshelf Bonus

All About Love by bell hooks


As much as we love a box of chocolates, the avid reader in your life will appreciate a Valentine’s Day gift that expands their mind. This seminal book from author bell hooks will do just that.

On-the-Go Pro

Nesting Cutlery 3-Piece Stainless Steel Compact Travel Cutlery Set, Black + Blum


For the partner who’s always dining on the go, this stainless steel travel set beats disposable plastic every time.

Clean Slate

Hinoki Aromatherapy Soap, Jinen


Transform their shower into a Japanese forest with hinoki cypress oil. Talk about starting the day on the right note.

Dynamic Duo

Bodum Chambord Creamer & Sugar Bowl Set, MoMA Design Store

$22 $16

A modernist Bodum creamer and sugar bowl set for only $16? We’re just as shocked as you are.

Chic Stir

Hand-Carved Cocktail Stirrer, Hawkins New York


Perfect for the aesthetically driven mixologist, this hand-carved walnut spoon is nearly a foot long. Pair it with a bottle of their favorite spirit.

Power Pony

Out From Under Organza Jumbo Scrunchie, Urban Outfitters

$10 $5

From flouncy bows to claw clips, hair accessories of all kind are trending. Snagging a few of these $5 scrunchies for friends will show your love without breaking the bank.

Game Changer

Chessboard, Hay

$45 $14

Less screen time, more quality time. Leaving this design-forward chessboard out can turn scrolling on the couch into a heated game night.

Happiest Hour Yet

Scallop-Trim Cocktail Napkins (Set of 4), Schoolhouse


If your partner’s New Year’s resolutions included entertaining more, a set of scalloped cocktail napkins will give them just the encouragement they need.

Spicy Stuff

Southern Chili Crisp, Red Clay


This isn’t your average chili crisp; peanuts, garlic, and shallot give it an unexpected Southern flair.

Joy Ride

Roma Heirloom Tomato Car Fragrance, Flamingo Estate


This may seem like a small gift, but its Roma tomato scent will spark joy every time they get in their car. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Soft Touch

Color-Blocked Stripe Trouser Socks, Madewell

$15 $8

Stripes and an on-theme hue make these discounted socks as easy as gifting gets.

Hydration Station

Water Bottle, Kinto


Japanese drinkware brand Kinto offers excellent quality in a surprisingly affordable price range, like this simple tinted copolyester water bottle.

Taper Topper

Glass Bowl, Hawkins New York


Who wouldn’t be charmed by this little recycled glass bowl? Ideal for olives, nuts, or their morning yogurt, the little bubbles give it a handmade feel.

Skin Saver

Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay, Sephora


We’d love to gift our special someone a luxurious facial, but that would unfortunately cost a lot more than $20. This retexturizing mask includes Mediterranean rose clay, making it all the more appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Nice Play

A Big Deal Giant Playing Cards , Brass Monkey


This may look like an average deck, but each card is 4.5-by-7 inches. That’s Big Poker Energy, if you ask us.

Something Fishy

Milk Chocolate Candy Sardines, Amazon


Gifting a can of sardines might be a tad odd, but don’t be fooled; this box actually includes foil-wrapped fish-shaped milk chocolates.

Morning Ritual

Japanese Sencha Green Tea by Harney & Sons, Amazon


For the partner who chooses tea over coffee, Japanese sencha in a reusable tin will surely upgrade their morning routine.

Home-Chef Hero

Trudy Oven Mitt, Anthropologie


Oven mitts aren’t meant to last forever, and if your partner is active in the kitchen, they would probably appreciate a refresh. Anthropologie’s is double-sided and comes in three bright colorways.

Shower Power

Exfoliating Shower Towel, Goshi


Exfoliation is key, and this specialty Japanese towel gets deep. Plus think about how soft their skin will be after this enters their routine.

Rockin’ Roller

Tapered French Rolling Pin by JK Adams, Food52


This French rolling pin is a beautiful object on its own, but just think about the even more beautiful pies it will encourage.

Pantry Pick-me-up

Strawberry Rosé Living Vinegar, Acid League


For the experimental chef, this strawberry rosé vinegar can add zing to salads, cocktails, dessert, and more.

Sweet Sip

Hot Cocoa Mix, Fine & Raw


Giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a classic move, but hot chocolate is unexpected. We’re eyeing the Ceremonial Mix, with nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon.

Nature’s Best

The Jonsteen Company California Poppy Flower Seed Grow Kit , Amazon


Calling all green thumbs. Each kit includes nearly 30,000 seeds, enough to plant an entire field of poppies.

Daring Drizzle

Partanna Mission Spicy Chili Oil


Fancy olive oil is usually more than $20, but Partanna’s collab with Mission Chinese is hiding on Amazon for $18. Fun packaging aside, the spicy oil blends red pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

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