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We’ve heard that the best things in life are free, but we also fully understand the specific joy of presenting a gift to someone you love, whether it’s a partner, roommate, or family member. So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve rounded up 17 of our favorites—all for $20 or less—that are so much cuter than anything you’ll find last minute in the CVS aisles. 

And because each of these cheap thrills is so affordable, from a $13 vase (to pair with a fragrant bouquet, of course) to a $4 matchbox from our favorite New York City boutique, you can stock up and give them to everyone on your list whom you heart.

Love Letters

Pro tip: A monogram automatically makes a gift personal. And whether they use it as a desk catchall or bedside coaster, everyone has room for a sweet patinaed object. 


A Perfect Match

A latte is consumed in minutes, and for the same price you can buy an impossibly charming John Derian matchbox. Opting for the floral print basically means it’s a bouquet, too. 

Some Like It French

Breakfast just got a makeover. Might we recommend pairing this tomato red French press with the Sunday paper?

Fun Puzzle Pieces

The best gifts offer an activity to enjoy together, and what better pastime than a cheeky petite puzzle?

Sweet Thing

Valentine’s Day chocolate can get cheesy fast. But not when it’s Casa Bosques, serving up unexpected flavors with artsy packaging. 


Slow Burn

Anyone who loves design would be stoked to receive a pastel totem-shaped candle. As painful as it would be to burn, nothing sets the Valentine’s Day mood like candlelight. 

Warm Up

Is there anything sweeter than a milk warmer for your sweetie? Ideal for the coffee-obsessed buddy who doesn’t mind doing things the slow way.

Real Love

Name a more dynamic duo. And as far as we’re concerned, making Ina Garten’s recipes for your S.O. is the definition of romance. 

Hot Stuff

An 8-inch skillet is as adorable as cookware gets. Plus sometimes your person just needs to fry one egg.


Set the Vibe

It’s hard to believe that this incense kit, hinoki box and all, is only $20. A forest scent makes it perfect for nature lovers and indoorsy folks alike.

Dream Cream

You can’t buy this hydrating Portuguese shaving cream at CVS, but the price isn’t much higher than Gillette’s. Plus an avocado-hued tube will look way better in a medicine cabinet. 

Serve It Up

Homemade waffles are pretty sweet as is; make them heart-shaped and you’ve got the most lovable meal of all time.

Bookshelf Bonus

As much as we love a box of chocolates, the avid reader in your life will appreciate a Valentine’s Day gift that expands their mind. This seminal read from author bell hooks will do just that.


Sealed With a Kiss

An old-school monogrammed stamp will get you one step closer to romantic love letters. 

Quick Pick-me-up

Perfect for a BFF, this multipurpose stick will bring some much needed rouge to a post-lockdown world.  

Earthly Delight  

There’s not enough unglazed pottery. Understated yet refined, a modern Japanese mug will bring a bit of zen to their morning routine.

Flower Power

Flowers are the real star of the show on Valentine’s Day, and an ikebana vase is the perfect nod to petal play while also encouraging a new creative hobby.