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While most color fads come and go, there are a few shades that have stuck around. We’re talking about neutrals: black, white, brown, and the like. However, one of those seemingly timeless hues may not be so universally loved anymore. In its 2022 trend report, 1stDibs saw that interest in navy blue dropped a whopping 43 percent. But why?

People want to brighten up their spaces with lighter walls or pops of color rather than potentially close them in with darker shades. 1stDibs saw a lean toward duskier picks like mauve and rust orange, and away from jewel tones (mustard yellow and burgundy also saw a drop in interest). Yet using these muted pastels in large spaces can lean too sweet and saturated if you’re not careful. Pairing shades with black and white accents can help ground the color, while playing with different tones in the same color family can help the hues feel fresh. 

Photography by Monica Wang

Moody pastels aren’t the only color trend for the next year. According to 1stDibs, cobalt blue is the new reigning shade of blue, while emerald green takes the win for most popular hue for 2022 overall. No surprise, considering every major (and minor) paint brand dubbed a verdant shade their color of the year

In addition to navy, it looks like neon signs and cane seating are also on their way out. Shoppers are opting for cozy, plush upholstery and abstract artwork instead. But this does mean that you might finally be able to get your hands on a pair of (still) highly covetable Cesca chairs? We can’t wait to see if these predictions ring true in the new year.