Published on February 8, 2019

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle and Aaron Bengochea

If you’re feeling ambivalent about Living Coral, we’ve got great news in the color department: Pantone is already forecasting for next year. At a recent seminar in Las Vegas, the Color Institute’s VP, Lauren Pressman, spoke to the color trends slated to hit it big next spring, and for anyone not feeling the vibrant warmth of bright pink, prepare to rejoice.

What does 2020 look like? Apparently, a lot like the ocean. “It’s a time of rapid change,” said Pressman, according to Footwear News. This stark shift in color inspiration—from punchy neons to calming cool tones—definitely encapsulates that analysis.

She went on to discuss how choosing the ocean as the inspiration for spring 2020’s color palette is about inclusivity and fluidity. After all, the ocean isn’t a true blue and encompasses a whole breadth of color. Equally, this soothing palette is about finding calm in the aforementioned time of rapid change.

“Browns are important across the gamut and are inspired by dried seaweed and driftwood,” continued Pressman. Other sea-inspired hues include sand-inspired whites, deep blacks, and oxygenated, cooler greens. All in all, it’s a nature-inspired palette and it’s one so varied that no one will feel alienated by one singular color choice.

Get a head start on next year’s calming color palette with a few of our favorite cool tones below.  

A classic gray-blue makes the perfect light but moody accent for your living room.

For a bit more drama, try a deeper blue. This rich navy is perfect for a contemporary aesthetic when paired with brass accents. It can also be paired with darker wood antiques for a touch of old-school elegance.

Try a vibrant green for an edge in any space. If you want to try your hand at color-blocking, this cool tone would look great as door or window trim.

Inspired by the blue-greens of the deep sea, this darker teal makes an instant statement anywhere you put it. Try it on your kitchen cabinets to breathe life into even the smallest of spaces.

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