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It’s a known fact: Add a little butter to anything, and the result will be a bit creamier, cozier, and absolutely twice as delectable. But this isn’t just true of real dairy; it’s applicable to color palettes, too. Stick solely to shades of yellow and cream, and there you have it: the #StickOfButter aesthetic, as coined by Man Repeller’s Harling Ross.

When Ross first started talking about #StickOfButter style last winter, it was in relation to fashion. The hashtag has since been used more than 2,000 times, with devotees dressing in warm neutrals with some pops of ultra-pale yellow thrown into the mix. Essentially, visual representations of a generous pat of salted butter that has seeped into the crannies of a lightly toasted piece of fresh sourdough. Pretty satisfying, no?

Buttery vibes, however, aren’t just suited to your wardrobe. They also play nice in your home. All you need to do is layer in the creams and the baby chick yellows, and you’ll be set with an interior that’s as calming as a big pile of pancakes—topped with plenty of butter, of course.

The Best-Dressed Bed

Pair a checked beige coverlet with some flaxen sheets and you’ll fall asleep every night feeling perfectly toasty.

The Living Room Power Pairing

A simple ivory armchair goes with everything—especially a funky yellow vase.

The Kitchen Set

Your garbage can doesn’t have to look like trash. This mellow bin and these sweet dining chairs are just the things to give your kitchen a refresh.

The Pottery Power Couple

You can never have too many vessels, whether you fill them or not. These two ceramic picks are a match made in dairy decor heaven.

The Finishing Touches

A graphic rug and brass-accented vases may feel super-contemporary, but in shades of off-white and yellow they manage to be soothing, too.

The TV Dinner

Listen, when you’re watching The Bachelorette, there’s nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with snacks. These warm-toned dishes and this blanket make the whole ordeal even better. 

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