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Like most designers, when it comes to plants, Bobby Berk prefers his to be real. But not every room in his house agrees. The designer recently admitted in an Instagram Reel that two of his fiddle-leaf figs died in his living room due to a lack of sunlight. So as a last resort, Berk decided to give a faux tree from Costco a try. The catch is, it’s not the one he originally wanted. 

“First impression is not a good impression,” Berk says jokingly in the same video. The tree he ended up buying was a 10-foot-tall faux fiddle-leaf fig in a dark gray round pot. As the story goes with almost every faux plant, Berk could tell some of the details were a little off—he gave it a 5/10. 

But as the designer states from the very beginning: This was his second-choice viral tree. The one he really wanted was apparently not in stock at the time he made this crucial swap. So what was his first pick? 

olive tree
Faux 8’ Olive Tree, Costco ($500)

What Berk really wanted was the 8-foot-tall faux olive tree that was so popular earlier this year—Reddit and TikTok were especially obsessed—that it sold out. Curious to see what all the hype was about, we went to check out said tree on Costco’s website and noticed the “add to cart” button was alive and well. We even plugged in a range of zip codes just to make sure we weren’t being duped. Online, Costco lists the piece for a cool $500, but according to TikToker Dylan, if you can hunt it down in-store, it’ll probably be a whole lot cheaper (he scored his back in March for $379). 

Consider this a PSA for Bobby Berk, and really anyone out there whose living room isn’t hospitable to big indoor trees: The faux olive tree is back and ready to go viral again.