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TikTok: the home of viral dance moves, Gen-Z celebrities, and…interior design advice? On this episode of what adults can learn from the mega-popular application, we have one of Domino’s favorite experts, Jeremiah Brent, participating in the “5 things” challenge. This new trend involves industry professionals such as Kelly Wearstler telling their followers the five things they would never do. Brent took it as an opportunity to share a few of his personal design no-nos, and they might be exactly what you needed to hear. 

The first, and maybe most important, tip: Never use fake plants. Brent justifies the importance of nature in the home by explaining how he loves “the ceremony” of foraging for branches and flowers to decorate with. Plus he points out that it is essential for any living space to have beautiful living things in it. Inviting the outdoors in can be as easy as committing to a low-stakes fern or succulent, or as bold as buying a chic olive tree (a move straight out of Nate Berkus and Brent’s playbook). 

Brent’s other faux pas include covering up original flooring (refinish or re-stain it if it’s in need of some love!), buying everything brand-new (timeless vintage touches lend beauty), and failing to read product descriptions. Yes, you read that fourth tip correctly: Brent recalls the time he purchased a set of dreamy Charles Dudouyt chairs from Portugal, only to realize when they arrived that they were made for children. Needless to say, reading the fine print before making a big investment is a good rule of thumb. His last tip, as cliché as it sounds, is painstakingly true: Never say never. “Take some chances and don’t be scared of your mistakes,” he says. Design school is back in session.