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Photography by Dane Tashima; Styling by Kate Berry

Where does simple Scandinavian style meet Internet virality? TikTok—the fastest-growing destination for interior inspiration and trend spotting. Since the app’s creation, #IKEA has accrued more than 4.6 billion views, so it’s safe to say that people are going crazy for the Sweden-based brand now more than ever. On Instagram alone, there are over 13 million posts mentioning the big-box retailer, according to a recent study conducted by U.K.-based Hey Discount. The virtual fan club (which spans far and wide) shares their newest home improvements, latest purchases, and even tips for how to score more soft-serve ice cream from IKEA’s infamous vending machines. If you too want to take part in this social media–induced craze but don’t yet have a project worthy of posting, here are four ideas on how to infuse your home with a few of the brand’s signature flat-pack pieces—some assembly required. 

Play With Mirrors 

Funky mirrors—you know you want one. IKEA is the perfect place to start your DIY. If you’re going for a more industrial look, try the popular gridded take, which calls for mirrors, some plywood, and trim. Or go a little abstract with a spray-foam border. 

Double Your Storage Without Anyone Knowing

Own one too many spatulas? You can take a page out of Michelle Phillips’s book by fitting two kitchen drawers into one. She modified her interior arrangement by buying two low-profile compartments of the same width plus an Utrusta front and then installing fresh tracks. This easy hack helped her streamline her various cooking tools while also keeping countertops clear. 

Don’t Settle for Puny Planters

The best ideas are the ones that don’t make sense at first glance. A simple IKEA cabinet is just that until you realize it can be transformed into a fully functioning greenhouse. Artist Robin Schouten was in search of a budget-friendly home for her plants when she discovered the Fabrikör cupboard. After adding the elements necessary for a successful greenhouse (a mini humidifier, a grow light), she turned a basic piece of furniture into a sanctuary for her thriving greenery. Plenty of others have caught on: The project has its own social media presence with the Instagram account @ikeagreenhousecabinet, which has more than 180,000 followers.

Elevate Basics

There’s nothing better than a luxurious-looking piece that doesn’t hurt your wallet. Enter a supersimple (we’re talking 10-minute-long!) DIY that involves stapling some open-cane webbing to the back of IKEA’s Hemnes bed frame, resulting in a sophisticated vibe. With genius ideas like this out there for anyone to see, now you have an excuse to stay up late scrolling on your phone.