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Have you ever caught yourself pining over a gorgeous wallpaper, mentally calculating how much it would cost to finally get that accent wall done, and then saying, “That much? For paper?!” We have a deep appreciation for the creators behind these designs, but sometimes it’s hard not to think we could make a few things ourselves for a lot less money. Case in point: A recent study by Design Bundles revealed homeowners can save up to $1,000 by making their own decor, after comparing the cost of raw materials for certain projects to the price tags of similar professionally made items. And no, you don’t have to be an artist or a handyperson to bring these pieces to life. Here are three money-saving DIYs, no tool kit or sewing machine required.

Create Your Own Curtains

Between the expense of custom draping and professional installation, homeowners can expect to spend more than $700 for bespoke window coverings. On your own, you can do it for around $150—that’s over $500 in savings. The best part? You can pull off a luxe look for less with a no-sew technique by picking out simple curtain panels and your trim of choice (tassels, ribbon, etc.) and bringing it all together with a quality fabric adhesive, as Alisa Bovino did. 

Stencil Your Own Wall Covering

You’ll likely spend at least $400 per surface on materials and labor when you go the traditional wallpaper route, but do it yourself and it can cost less than $50. Consider stenciling your space as DIYer Dinah Eke did. Her Instagram followers were shocked to discover the final outcome wasn’t wallpaper. In addition to paint and brushes, you’ll need a mechanical pencil, top-notch tape, hobby knife set, Mylar sheets, and a lot of patience, but you’ll end up with a finished product nearly eight times cheaper in the end.

Dupe an Expensive Lampshade on Your Own

You know those fanlike shades popping up all over social media? Skip the $100-plus designer price tags and knife-pleat your way into the spotlight with a version of your own for just $50. Creative Eunice Choi re-created the vintage style with two Facebook Marketplace lampshades, a few extra materials easily found on Amazon or any nearby craft store, and items she already had at home (a pencil, hair-dryer, and heavy books). Plus you can shave $20 off your total by building the whole thing yourself from scratch with a frame, harp fittings, fabric, satin-backed crepe lining, and thread. No one will ever be the wiser.