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We spend a lot of time scrolling through social media, most times for inspiration, at others for a mental break (ASMR, anyone?). We wouldn’t normally tout these platforms as a self-reflection tool, but one thing we’ve seen a lot of lately is literal mirrors, mainly of the DIY variety. It’s not just us: Atlas Ceramics’s recent hack index proved that personalizing looking glass is the do-it-yourself project of the moment. The report shows mirror-making videos have racked up more than 50 million views on TikTok, accrued almost 12,000 hashtags on Instagram, and garnered about 80,000 searches on Google. 

We did some digging, and of all the how-tos we sorted through, these are the trending ideas and tips you’ll want to try yourself.

The Industrial One 

This one has been popping up everywhere since 2020 and it’s still going strong. The process for crafting this grid-style item requires a bit of handiness—you’ll need a few power tools, some sheets of plywood, and nine packs of IKEA Lots mirrors. Luckily, the Sorry Girls have made it easy to replicate with a step-by-step tutorial here

The Foam One 

A favorite among Instagram influencers, you can re-create this designer’s look for less than $50 (depending on the mirror you start with) and in just four easy steps. Set up your workstation, elevate your base, start foaming, add color, and your cotton candy–inspired masterpiece is ready to hang and dry. Pro tip: Do a test run on the foam first, because DIYers have said this expansive material sometimes has a mind of its own. 

The Nautical One 

Jeremiah Brent is often a wealth of inspiration for us, whether through his designs or his latest Amazon finds. Speaking of the latter, he Instagrammed this easy-to-make shell mirror, made with simple supplies he scored online. A bag of mixed seashells, a wood-framed mirror, and a glue gun transformed this once-plain frame into a maritime showpiece. 

The Wavy One

Photography by Ale Hickman

This squiggly idea takes us back to our childhood days that were occupied with Play-Doh and Easy-Bake Ovens. The grown-up version involves a package of polymer clay, some parchment paper, a glue gun, and an actual oven to craft these supercute frames in less than 30 minutes. This blogger shares the six simple steps to fire up a few in no time. 

The Boho One

If you’re dreaming of days lounging in linen under a palapa somewhere in Tulum, Mexico, this one’s for you. Inspired by a now sold-out style from Urban Outfitters, this fringy bohemian look is not hard to duplicate. It starts by hand-tying strips of raffia around a wire wreath base as you slowly begin to fill in the frame. Although the process is slightly time-consuming, it’s also deeply satisfying. Once you hang this tropi-chic mirror at home, stand back and marvel at your handiwork—now that’s something to reflect on.