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The Best New Wallpaper Pattern Doesn’t Even Fill an Entire Wall

And our favorite print will add instant architecture.
geometric circle patterned wallpaper

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Put down the paintbrushes and forget about your wainscoting—new wall inspiration is here, courtesy of Los Angeles–based textile brand Block Shop. Founded by sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman, the company has reimagined its signature Art Deco–inspired prints on a larger scale: wallpaper. “We get a lot of requests for custom murals,” Hopie explains. “This is our attempt at bringing those dynamic shapes to your walls.” Similar to its textiles, all of the treatments launching on Tuesday, May 24, are blocked out by hand in India before being digitally scanned and printed Stateside in Connecticut. 

Retailing at $85 per yard, the collection features six distinct patterns, from a swirling strawberry plant to a geometric sunburst. But our favorite prints, Poiret and Poppies, don’t even cover the whole panel. Instead of a traditional covering where the motif is repeated across the entire sheet, these stop three-quarters of the way up, leaving a solid chunk of solid color at the top. “In a high-ceiling room, our Poppies print brings the eye down and makes a space feel cozier and contained,” Hopie says. She compares the midnight colorway to putting on a ballgown (“It would be incredibly chic in a dining room”). But, she adds, “on the other hand, in a low-ceiling room, the Poiret mural creates the illusion of height.”

However, the Stockmans knew that these mural-like options weren’t going to work in every room, which is why the four other offerings in the line feature more traditional, tight repeats, which are made to feel soothing in larger spaces like hallways. Says Hopie: “I live in an open-floor-plan house, so I knew I needed to design soft neutrals that could live in harmony with white walls.” Shiplap and freehand murals aren’t the only ways to give your space character. 

Kate McGregor


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