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Indian block printing is by no means new to the scene; the age-old craft has covered tables, walls, and beds for more than 4,000 years. But all of a sudden it seems to be popping up just a little bit more—with such launches as washable blanket brand Seabird Society and Schumacher’s recent Jacaranda collection. Like gingham, what was once associated with traditional design is finding its place in modern and millennial spaces, too (such as my own).

Textile expert Elizabeth Dresie-Arnold of John Rosselli & Associates, a New York City–based showroom, has noticed a resurgence of Indian block printing as well. “The admiration is as strong as ever,” she notes. Dresie-Arnold thinks it’s because of the one-of-a-kind result that the technique produces. ”Block prints are often bolder and have a unique texture in the ink that’s left behind from the block,” she explains. 

Unlike newer techniques, Indian block printing is passed down from generation to generation, meaning its creators are “true masters of their craft, leaving a legacy with each stamp of their hand-carved block,” says Dresie-Arnold. And when travel isn’t as accessible as we’d like it to be, this type of worldly connection can be all the more appealing.

Team Domino loves a pattern-on-pattern moment, so we encourage mixing these with whatever else you have on hand. From Thompson Street Studio’s lightweight tablecloths to Zojora’s quilted coasters (aka all I’m gifting this year), these finds take even a Friendsgiving table to the next level.

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