“Wall Layering” Is the Little-Known Instagram Trend You Need to Try

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For the decorator, a white wall is the artist’s equivalent of a blank canvas. It’s a chance to start from scratch and create anew. From statement mirrors and washi tape to temporary wallpaper and painted murals, we thought we’d seen just about every type of treatment. That is, until Instagram showed us up.

Across social media, #SODomino fans have been experimenting with a new type of wall treatment—one that puts all our favorite trends to the test. We’re calling it “wall layering.”

New Orleans–based blogger, designer, and stylist Liz Kamarul has effortlessly mastered this blended look. Often beginning with a base mural comprised of graphic lines or solid shapes, Kamarul curates complex vignettes by introducing sculptural sconces, large-scale prints, plant-filled side tables, and fringy throw pillows to the scene. While every wall in her home serves as a rotating experiment for a new idea, each overlapping display is a masterpiece in and of itself. The secret to her exquisitely styled walls? Opposition.

“I love playing with opposites,” Kamarul tells Domino. “Mixing geometric and straight lines with organic shapes or large patterns with small ones. Opposites definitely attract and create visually interesting spaces.”

Want a ’grammable wall moment for yourself? Here are a few ideas and tips to get you started.


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The 3-D Gallery Wall

Kamarul’s alternative take on the traditional gallery wall is a lesson in scale and dimension. Without restricting herself to a single medium or size, she created a varied crescendo by stacking each frame on top of the next.

I think a few bold choice items make a strong vignette,” she says. “Every piece should work together without overpowering each other.”


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The Rug-Mirror Combo

If Kamarul had to pick one standout wall moment in her home, it’d be this. “I love the faux cowhide and mirror area. Using a rug on the wall is such a great substitute for large art. It warms up the space, adds texture, and is unexpected,” she shares.

When it comes to picking a statement backdrop, consider swapping the paint for something a bit more unconventional. Traditional living room staples that otherwise might be found on the floor can take on new meaning as wall art.


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The All-Over Mood Board

It’s never too late to start working on a mood board. So why not design one that actually inspires you to create? Coworking expert and color fiend Kasia Bartoszewicz’s desk is fueling our cravings for coinciding imagery. Once you’ve nailed your photo scheme, add a touch of tape, dainty string lights, and a shapely mirror to finish the look.


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The Asymmetrical Showcase

When it comes to styling your own vignette, think in terms of odd numbers. In blogger Theo-Bert Pot’s home, a disproportionate arrangement of three works of art sparks a satisfying sense of imbalance. A graphic accent wall within an accent wall makes up for the harmony the hanging pieces lack.


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The Retro Collage

Bathrooms are probably one of the best spaces to test out risky ideas. They’re small and, if all goes wrong, they’re easy to disguise. Pulling inspiration from her client Shay Mitchell’s dated blue tiling, interior designer and HGTV host Leanne Ford decided to run with the retro theme by ripping out pages from old magazines and vintage album covers and pasting them to the wall. The haphazard collage is a recipe for personality.


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The Power Move Wallpaper

Found a wallpaper you’re absolutely crazy about, but want to give it a special kick? Austin-based designer Allison Crawford played off her powerful print by Supply by adding floating shelves to house leaning black-and-white prints. Copper accents and metallic accessories introduce an added layer of sparkle and dimension.  

Need a stellar backdrop to get started on your wow-worthy wall? Kamarul is currently obsessing over this “Burnt” mural print by Drop It Modern.

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