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Bobby Berk did not see his success coming. “I always say if I thought my brand was going to be successful, I would have come up with a better name,” he tells Domino contributing editor Benjamin Reynaert on the third episode of Design Time: Trending Forward (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). As the interior design expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, Berk certainly knows how to transform a space—but he also knows how to take $100 and turn it into a world-renowned business.

In this episode, Berk reflects on his nearly 20 years in the industry—from taking leaps of faith to learning from his mistakes along the way. He opens up about how he got his start, what advice he’d offer his younger self, and what he considers his keys to success. Plus he dives into the trends he’s loving—and the ones he’s staying away from. Here’s a sneak peek.

What’s In: Wicker 

My very first apartment came furnished in all wicker furniture. It was horrible. But wicker has evolved so much since then, and the way it’s being used right now is awesome. Since I am a more neutral designer, I’m always looking for ways to add texture and interest to a space without using a lot of color, and natural fibers (like wicker!) are a great way to do just that.

What’s Out: Curved Sofas 

I’m not a fan of rounded edges in design, unless it’s like a perfect circle. Curved sofas are such a waste of space. I think it goes back to my almost two decades in New York City, where you’re taught not to waste a square inch. Like, who are you, the Queen of England?

What’s Next: Desert Colors

I have been so inspired by desert colors over the past three to five years; not only in the modern design that I do, but in traditional design. My husband and I just bought a historic Spanish-style home in Palm Desert, [California], and we’re letting all the colors that surround nature inspire us: greens and rusts and taupes and neutral creams. These shades are definitely in right now, and I don’t see them going anywhere. If anything, we’re going further into the desert. 

Eager to know what else it’s time to move on from—and what to look out for next? Listen to the full episode here.