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7 #SoDomino Greenery-Filled Spaces That Make Us Want to Be Plant Parents

Black thumbs, take note.

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We have a thing for greenery. Specifically, greenery-filled spaces—think: Lush living rooms with potted plants peeking out of every corner and sunny houseplant-filled kitchens where the greenery feels just as integral to the space as pots and pans do. Following a quick perusal of the #SOdomino hashtag on Instagram, it looks like our readers are inclined to agree. Plant-filled spaces dominate the feed, with endless amounts of inspiration available at our fingertips.

When it comes to styling plants, Instagram is an especially great source of inspiration. Let’s face it: The classic terra-cotta pot on a windowsill is hardly a fresh design tactic. If you’re looking for some plant decoration ideas that are a little out of the box, allow these Domino reader–approved spaces to provide valuable advice. From hard-to-kill plants to small space–friendly solutions, these seven homes will have you rushing to your neighborhood plant nursery to pick up a new green friend.

If you have a tiny bathroom…


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One of the most innovative ways we’ve ever seen plants displayed? As a hanging garden of sorts, positioned above a bathtub for something that feels remarkably spa-like. If you have a well-lit bathroom, mimic the look with a few hanging planters—choose different lengths to stagger the height and create an even more visually stunning display.

If you’ve never been a gallery wall kind of person…


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Opt for an assortment of tiny planters, hung in a streamlined pattern on an empty wall. This trick is a much more manageable way to try your hand at a living wall; just be sure you have a ladder to reach the topmost plants. We love how this space makes use of the wall behind the staircase, a typically unremarkable part of the home that quickly turned into a focal point with the addition of a few chic planters.

If you’re a notorious plant killer…


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The first thing we noticed about this colorful, cheerful space was the stunning gallery wall. The second was the tasteful array of plants—they’re not overpowering, but they finish off the space perfectly. If your green thumb seems to be malfunctioning, take a note from this eclectic living room and opt for plants that are few but mighty. A tall, hard-to-kill specimen like a Yucca plant makes a statement but won’t be too needy. Elsewhere, look to less traditional ways to bring in a pop of greenery. Here, a simple monstera leaf in a glass vase takes the place of colorful florals and requires literally zero attention.

If you don’t have a headboard…


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Fashion a makeshift headboard from a line of potted plants. This sunny bedroom nook is lucky enough to have a built-in ledge on which to arrange a bevy of greens. However, if you’re not so lucky, pick up a sturdy but simple wooden shelf to install behind your mattress and DIY something similar.

If you’re a frequent entertainer…


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Make your bar cart the star of your home by sprucing it up with a range of greens. Sara Toufali is a master of bohemian style, and her entertaining station is definitive proof. A mix of vine plants, potted cacti, and tiny greens make for an eclectic variety. If your bar cart isn’t the most interesting to begin with and you’re struggling to find ways to make that corner a bit more special, plants are the solution.

If you’re a bookworm…


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Few things scream “cozy reading nook” quite like a shield of plants. Here, the smattering of greenery lends an instant dose of charm to this corner, making the rattan and woven accents feel even homier. To max out on relaxation, bring a few stress-relieving plants to your own reading nook—snake plants and pothos are both great options. We’d like to spend all day hidden in this aesthetically pleasing vignette with a good read.

If your living room could use a finishing touch…


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Choose tall, stately plants to anchor your living room sofa and add a bit of elegance to your space. Hilton Carter’s space looks both cozy and luxurious, and a good chunk of that has to do with his careful curation of potted plants. Whereas a leather sofa has the potential to read a little too formal, Carter’s addition of greenery balances it out and creates a living room that’s nothing short of wow-worthy.

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