Published on February 6, 2021

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Photography by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

With winter in full swing, odds are you’re relying on your houseplants to bring the outdoors in. (Same.) But finding unique planters—aka ones that aren’t white or plain terracotta—to house your greenery takes some digging. Luckily Kendall Jenner did the work for us. The model recently posted a photo of a group of multicolored pots in her living room, and it turns out they’re from none other than Space Copenhagen’s latest collaboration with &Tradition.


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Courtesy of Space Copenhagen

The handcrafted concrete planters sit on a slightly elevated base and come in a wide variety of pastel hues and four sizes; they start at about $25 when you do the cost conversion. Plus the inside of each is lacquered for easy cleanup during repotting sessions. The containers will be available for purchase in the next few weeks, so mark your calendars and get your plant babies ready for their new homes. 

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