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What’s your least favorite part of doing laundry? The lost socks? The bulky plastic bin you have to lug from room to room? The folding and refolding? Carrie Underwood’s genius solution makes these annoyances null and void. The singer has a washer and dryer in her walk-in closet. 


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If you look closely, you’ll notice that the side of Underwood’s closet island is hollowed out, leaving room for two front-loading units to fit snugly inside, tucked away but still in perfect reach. Visually speaking, the units blend right into the white cabinetry. But it’s the practicality that makes this the best reno idea we’ve seen in a while. You can wash your sweaty workout clothes the moment you take them off and fold last night’s freshly dried pajamas right next to their designated shelf without skipping a beat. Not only will your space be extra-organized (sorting your whites from your colors has never been so seamless), odds are, you won’t leave your loads until the last minute ever again. We have a feeling you’ll end up buying fewer replacement socks, too. 

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