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As well-documented Trader Joe’s fans, you know we follow product drops as closely as some people follow album launches. So needless to say, whenever a buzzy new item is announced, we’re thrilled to pass the news along. Speaking of, the grocer just released a ton of new treats for summer. In other words, time to get shopping. While not all of them are destined for cult-status greatness, it can’t hurt to taste-test the latest offerings to double check, right?

From genius condiments to a refreshing treat, all perfect for summer entertaining, here are the new Trader Joe’s products to add to your grocery list: 

Bloody Mary Salsa

Seriously, how has no one thought of this before? When paired with chips, it essentially combines two hangover cures in one: Bloody Marys and greasy food. This tangy sauce is sure to be a mainstay at future brunches. 

Try it out: Spice up your breakfast burrito with a kick of this, swapping it in where you’d normally use sriracha or regular salsa. 

Ube Ice Cream

From Instagram to Reddit, people can’t stop talking about this latest addition to TJ’s frozen dessert aisle. The purple hue is naturally derived from a yam called ube—so we like to think of it as health food. This is your sign to get in on one of the biggest food trends of the past few years. 

Try it out: On its own, ideally with your recently purchased ice cream bowl-and-spoon set. Since this creamy treat has a strong nutty flavor, you don’t need extra toppings such as sauces or berries. 

Honey Pale Ale Mustard

Another one for the barbecue buffet, this sweet mustard will fast replace the regular version in your refrigerator. It’s meant to mimic the timeless combination of mustard-dipped soft pretzels and pale ale, but even non–beer drinkers will love the sweetness of the honey mixed with the earthiness of the brew. 

Try it out: For the beginner chef, this mustard is the perfect base for an easy marinade. Mix a bit of this, along with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon, in with your meat of choice and let it sit before taking it to the grill—or the skillet, if you live in an apartment. 

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