Published on January 31, 2017

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Photography by @christinehalbesma via INSTAGRAM

Whether exercise is something you do to relax or because you feel like you have to, a cool looking workout space could help motivate you. And although not every gym is up to super chic standards, it’s fun to check out the ones that are for a little sweat-related inspiration. Here, we found the best gyms all over the world where the surroundings are just as innovative and exciting as the workouts. 

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Photography by @Popphysique via INSTAGRAM

Pop Physique, Various Locations

Being cheeky is kind of Pop Physique’s thing, and with a slogan like “an artistic approach to exercise,” of course they have a seriously stylish studio. From their new location on the Bowery in New York City, which is completely covered in cherries (yes, really), to their original California-cool locations in Los Angeles, this chain of quirky barre studios is definitely a must follow—and visit. 

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Photography by @charlennon1 via INSTAGRAM

1Rebel, London

While many of the studios on this list are elegant and minimally designed, 1Rebel is all about being gritty and luxe at the same time. The classes focus on high intensity interval training, meaning you’re seriously sweaty by the time you’re done. Good thing the locker rooms are just as fancy as the bathrooms in any swanky hotel. Plus, with free prosecco every Friday, you know this place is classy. 

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Photography by @rachkrupa via INSTAGRAM

The Class by TT, New York City

This brand new studio in the heart of Tribeca has a hidden secret: crystals underneath the floors. You’ll never know they’re there unless you can somehow “feel” their energy. With a dreamy mostly white-on-white decor scheme and carefully curated details like ethereal gold lighting fixtures, this place is like your most peaceful zen dream come true. The whole idea of the workout is to “achieve peace through strength,” so it makes sense that the surroundings would be serene and the opposite of fussy. 

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Photography by @robmillsarchitects via INSTAGRAM

One Hot Yoga & Pilates,


and Melbourne, Australia

At first glance, One Hot Yoga & Pilates looks more like a sophisticated meditation studio than a place where you go to get in shape. Designed by architects who specialize in the contemporary look, this gym really takes the cake when it comes to refined environments for raising your heart rate. 

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Photography by @unboxguide via INSTAGRAM

Crossfit Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

CrossFit in a former church? That’s certainly one way to do it—and probably the best way. The former St. Paul’s church in the town of Enschede has been completely transformed into an endorphin junkie’s dream gym. Think of it this way: When you’re lying on the floor out of breath after doing a million burpees, at least the view is pretty. 

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Photography by @shadowboxnyc via INSTAGRAM

Shadowbox, New York City

Boxing is pretty cool to begin with, considering its celeb fans like Gigi Hadid and Ellie Goulding and the fact that you get to punch stuff without feeling bad about it, but somehow Shadowbox makes it look even cooler. From their well-designed front desk to their dark, moody and awesomely badass heavy bag room, their Instagram account is pure fitness studio eye candy. 

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Photography by @bloklondon via INSTAGRAM

Blok, London

Every corner of Blok has a rustic-yet-modern Ralph Lauren-esque vibe. Just look at this brown leather boxing bag and metal sliding barn-style doors. Bet you’ve never seen those in a gym before. Based on their Instagram account, it’s clear they take interior design seriously. There’s even an art gallery for exhibiting new works and a cafe for grabbing a post-workout snack. 

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Photography by @christinehalbesma via INSTAGRAM

New York Pilates, New York City

Somehow New York Pilates has managed to make their reformers look like art. Airy windows surround and divide up the space, while exposed brick walls create a stark but lovely contrast. Every detail has clearly been selected with care, right down the the color-coordinated pastel and metallic props.