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We love going to our fitness trainers for advice on how to eat right, do a proper push-up, and their secret post-workout smoothie recipes—but it’s also a good idea to ask them what beauty products they’ve been vying for these days. After all, they sweat for a living, so they know a thing or two about which skincare products will minimize embarrassing buttne breakouts, or the best tips to keep your face looking fresh after a workout.

So, we asked the pros for the best hair, makeup, and skincare products on their #bathroomshelfies.

Ashley Wilking, Instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp

Ursa Major Face Wipes

“I always keep these babes ($24) in any bag I use,” says Wilking. “It’s much easier to carry individual face wipes than a container of face wash, and nothing beats a clean face after a long morning of teaching and sweating!”

RMS Master Mixer

An easy makeup hack, according to Wilking, is to dab on some RMS Master Mixer ($38). “It’s a combo of their Bronzer and Illuminizer,” says Wilking. “A little touch on my cheekbones, quick shaped brows, mascara, and my natural glow look took me all but a minute to do.”

Kaitlyn Noble, Fitness instructor at Thumbtack Fitness and Noble Wellness

Drunk Elephant’s TLC Babyfacial

“If I ever have a day when I can’t shower right after a workout (more often than I’d like to admit), I’ll do an exfoliating mask before bed,” says Noble. “Drunk Elephant’s TLC Babyfacial ($80) doubles down on exfoliation, prevents breakouts, and gives me glowing skin.”

Mario Badescu’s A.H.A Body Soap

After a workout, Noble likes to wash up with Mario Badescu’s A.H.A Body Soap ($8). ”It’s amazing for preventing breakouts without drying the skin,” she says.

Ariana Chernin, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Barre Code

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist

In between workouts (and whatever else she might have in the day), Chernin loves to spray on this Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist ($28) as a pick-me-up. “It keeps me looking and feeling fresh, and has great SPF protection that comes in handy for my weekend hikes in Denver,” she says.

Honest 3-in-1 Facial Towelettes

Chernin loves that these Honest 3-in-1 Facial Towelettes ($6) contain gentle ingredients like aloe and chamomile. “I always use these amazing towelettes after class, or when I need a refresher after a hike,” says Chernin. “They are super easy to throw in your purse or gym bag, and easily remove sweat and any smudged makeup leftover from an intense class.”

Charlotte Munn, CorePower Yoga Training Manager and Yoga Teacher

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

“I’ve been searching for a great smelling, non-aluminum deodorant for my active lifestyle,” says Munn.  “Schmidt’s ($9) is the best I’ve found. I love knowing that the product I put close to my literal heart not only smells and feels great, but also isn’t harmful!”

Dr. Bronner Tea Tree Oil Soap

“Living in damp yoga clothes can lead to bacteria, so having a soap or body wash that works, is great-smelling, and serves as a natural antibacterial is crucial to feeling great in this active lifestyle,” explains Munn. “My go-to natural antibacterial soap is Dr. Bronner Tea Tree Oil Soap ($7). You can use it on literally everything in your life—body, face, hair, clothes, dishes. Seriously, everything.”

Allison Kimmel, Master Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Rose-Scented Witch Hazel

Witch hazel ($10) kills the bacteria that causes odor. So, it enables me to wear a natural deodorant and not worry,” says Kimmel. “I use it every morning and evening after washing my face as a regular toner. I also splash some on my underarms several times per day—it’s a great way to stay fresh when you’re working out all day.”

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

If Kimmel had one word to describe the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray ($32), it would be a “lifesaver.” “I like my makeup to stay put while I’m teaching and throughout the day,” she says. “This is the only product I’ve found that’s up to the job.”

Eve Kessner, SoulCycle Instructor

Manuka Honey

After back-to-back workouts at SoulCycle, Kessner likes to treat her face to a Manuka Honey Mask ($33).  “The manuka honey is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory, so it heals any acneic or irritated skin,” explains Kessner. “It reduces redness and heals congestion. Basically, it calms skin and locks in moisture.”

African Black Soap

When her day is done, Kessner also turns to African Black Soap ($6) to help her skin get a thorough cleaning. “African black soap gets skin really deeply clean,” says Kessner.

Christa DiPaolo, Creator of The Cut at Equinox

Maestro Glow by Giorgio Armani

“Even though my career involves major sweat, I still want to look and feel good while teaching,” says DiPaolo. “I love using a lightweight foundation like Maestro Glow by Giorgio Armani ($64) that looks natural.”

Buxom Lipgloss in Berry Blast

“And speaking of wanting to look and feel good while teaching, I’m currently obsessed with Buxom lipgloss in Berry Blast ($20),” DiPaolo explains. “Just that tiny pop of color makes me extremely happy and ready to go.”

Jennifer Williams, Founder and CEO of Pop Physique

Glossier Rosewater Face Mist

After class, Williams likes to spritz  herself with Glossier’s Rosewater Face Mist( $18). “It’s especially great during the hot summer months,” says Williams.

Nuxe Rêve Del Miel Hand and Nail Cream and NUXE Huile Prodigieuse®/Multi-Usage Dry Oil

“As instructors, we wash and sanitize our hands constantly, so a super hydrating hand lotion ($15) is essential,” says Williams. “I also like to double up with the oil ($29)—especially for my cuticles and dryer skin.”

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