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Amazon has really been stepping up their game recently—from plants to your doorstep to luxury skincare and beauty available for next-day delivery… and heck, even two very chic furniture lines. And now, we just ran into our favorite new section on the mega retailer’s site—their ‘Professional Skin Care’ section. Aka, your dermatologist-approved section.

The thing that’s so extraordinary about this new vertical is its vast knowledge and depth. After making sure their luxury beauty section has become safer to shop and brand-verified, Amazon is following suit with their other categories, and is making their dermatologist-approved products both easier to understand and purchase.

Within this Professional Skin Care category is a couple of really interesting things. First off, they offer skincare products typically sold mostly at dermatologist offices, like the incredible—and incredibly hard to find—dermatologist-created brands EltaMD, Obagi, and iS Clinical. No, really. Some of these brands aren’t available on most skincare or beauty sites (like Sephora), so having them directly accessible (and available for next-day shipping) is pretty incredible.

Then, the vertical (like the luxury beauty section) gives more verified and detailed accounts of the products, too. You can even search by skincare concern, like acne and blemishes or dry and dehydrated skin, therefore taking the guesswork out of each product you’re considering.

The site even has an actual product glossary, which acts as somewhat of a dictionary for all things ingredients. Not sure exactly what ‘glycerin’ or ‘avobenzone’ is doing in your product’s ingredient list? The glossary explains, in simplistic terms, exactly what each ingredient accomplishes in your favorite bottle of sunscreen or face wash.

And if that already wasn’t enough, Amazon then takes it to the next level with expert advice (provided by their derm-approved brands, usually) on everything from ‘Can anti-aging skin care be gentle and effective?’ (excellent question!) to ‘Multi-masking 101’.

Then, they have a ‘Find a Skin Care Specialist’ search, which helps locate Yelp-approved specialists in your zip code. Yep, it populates an actual list of specialists.

One-stop, derm-approved shopping. Way to go, Amazon.

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