Published on January 6, 2021

Of all the changes we’ve made to our homes during the pandemic, adding a dedicated workout space for streaming yoga classes from a laptop has been one of the more popular ones. But at the new Hydra Studios in lower Manhattan, members can have an at-home experience—without trying to fit a mat in the sliver of space between the couch and the TV. Instead the studio has private rooms with everything you could want in a home gym: Peloton bikes, TRX machines, and even rooms with the Mirror

Peloton at Hydra Studios in New York CityPin It
Photography by Marie Lombardo

I love in-person classes and miss them dearly,” says Hydra Studios cofounder and CEO Marie Kloor. “It’s hard to beat the energy and community I’ve found in my favorite studios. I’ve become burned out from streaming another class on my apartment floor.”

Inside Hydra Studios in New York CityPin It
Photography by Marie Lombardo

So she cocreated a space that’s stylish—there are woven Gestalt New York chairs in the reception area; plants appear at every turn; and a calming palette of blue, cream, and beige wash over the entire studio—but also COVID-safe. Each room is completely private for your workout, and a visit there is an ideal way to break up the monotony of a WFH life, especially if you can’t fit a Peloton into your bedroom. Think of Hydra’s slate showers and infrared sauna as a mental mini vacation.

Workout room at Hydra Studios in New York CityPin It
Photography by Marie Lombardo

And even if you’re not an indoor cyclist or TRX devotee, you can still reserve an empty room to bring your yoga mat and meditate or, yes, set up your laptop to stream a class—but this time, thankfully, not from your living room floor.

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