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Farmers’ markets, public parks, and dentist’s offices so pleasant that you’ll actually want to schedule your twice-yearly cleanings: There are plenty of things that can make a city a healthier place to live. And according to a report by WalletHub, one metropolitan area stands above the rest when it comes to wellness in the U.S.—and it might not be your first guess.

Looking at data (from the cost of doctor’s visits to fitness studios per capita) from more than 170 of the most populated cities in the country, the site found that San Francisco is the healthiest in the nation, with Seattle and San Diego taking second and third place, respectively. The Bay Area has plenty to boast about: It’s home to the Assembly, a cool workout hub–slash–workplace, and it has a major bike-share program (plus all those hills, so commuters are sure to get in some serious cardio). It’s also where you’ll find Residence 2646, a wellness-focused mansion currently for sale, if you happen to have a $29.8 million on hand. The four-bedroom property offers a sauna, massage room, and hospital-grade air-filtration system.

But if you’re not trying to uproot your life—after all, this healthy city is also one of the country’s most expensive—there are plenty of ways you can feel better without moving too far away. Consider a neighborhood with lots of trees or plant your own garden—or just spend five minutes outside. Wellness, after all, is a state of mind.

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