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Attention, millennials: Ever wondered if you actually live in the city most suited to meet your career goals? Considering industry trends are constantly changing, it can be hard for young job seekers to feel totally confident with their chosen career path. Luckily, a just-released report from Abodo may help shed some clarity.

The study—based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics—offers insight into the five fastest growing industries in the US. Computer and math, community and social service, and business and financial operations are just a few of the fields that grace the top of their list. More importantly, however, the report discusses the metro areas with the most opportunities in each field.

So, what exactly does this mean for millennials today? Leading employment website Monster.com recently took a look at the types of jobs with the highest concentrations of millennials—and their findings unsurprisingly coincide with the fastest-growing fields mentioned above. Whether you’re an aspiring carpenter, physician’s assistant, or financial analyst, you’ll likely find success in 2018 and the years to follow—that is, if you’re living in the right city.

Ahead, we break down the best careers for millennials right now, and where you should be living, depending on your profession.

The Tech Whiz Millennial

No, social media influencer is not the most popular job for millennials (even though your Instagram feed may convince you otherwise). Statistician, on the other hand, proves to be the number one choice amongst young job seekers (close to 44 percent of statisticians are millennials). According to Abodo, computer and mathematical occupations—from support specialists to computer research scientists—have grown by more than 20 percent over the past four years, and are only expected to continue to grow over the next decade. Web developers trail closely behind as the seventh most popular career path for budding, computer-savvy professionals.

Where to live:

It’s no secret that high-paying tech jobs await in San Jose, CA (dubbed America’s trendiest town of 2018) and San Francisco. But if the Silicon Valley just isn’t your thing, you’ll also find luck in Washington, DC, Seattle, WA, and Austin, TX. One thing all of these low-key, tech-friendly cities have in common? Seriously cool offices.

The Hands-On Type Millennial

Millennials live for craft cocktails and under-the-radar watering holes, which may explain why bartenders rank as the second most popular pick for younger job seekers. And it’s not just behind the bar where millennials (and older generations) are putting their tactile skills to the test: Across the board, it seems Americans aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Construction and extraction (mining, drilling, etc.) jobs, according to Abodo, are also on the rise as a whole.

Where to live:

Can you see yourself as a full-time bartender? Monster suggests starting out your job search in Pittsburgh, PA, Dallas, TX, and Washington, DC. Or if you’re ready to get down and dirty as, say, a carpenter or mining machine operator, add Houston, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Virginia Beach, VA, and Denver, CO, to your list.

The Business-Savvy Millennial

The third most popular career pick for young professionals? Financial analyst. That’s right: Millennials are seeing green. Luckily, opportunities for analysts—and other financial operation professions, including accountants, real estate assessors, human resource specialists, and event planners—are scattered around the country, so the following news might not totally shatter your dreams of living where you please.

Where to live:

While there might be more jobs in business and finance in say, New York City or Los Angeles, there are also thousands (er, millions) of people competing for those jobs. If you’re not especially tied to dreams of Wall Street, smaller financial hubs like Sacramento, CA, Denver, CO, Seattle, WA, and Washington, DC, are all great places to start.

The Future Ad Exec Millennial

Close to 40 percent of advertising and promotions managers across the US are between the ages of 25 and 35. And with a median salary of $127,000, it’s no wonder so many millennials are flocking to the ad industry. Similarly, market research analysts and marketing specialists (ranked as the eighth most popular career choice) are also experiencing a major spike.

Where to live:

Unsurprisingly, you’ll find success in a big and always busy city. New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Boston, MA, and Chicago, IL, all prove to be great fits for Don Drapers to be.

The Health Nut Millennial

Also averaging a six-figure salary? Physician’s assistants. Over the past four years, the healthcare industry has seen a pretty big boom, and millennials are definitely embracing it. While physician’s assistant positions are the most popular pick, emergency medical technicians and paramedics are also favorites—even though the pay is less.

Where to live:

Okay, yes, healthcare jobs—from lab technicians to surgeons—essentially exist everywhere. But some cities, like Birmingham, AL, Cleveland, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, and New Orleans, LA, offer more opportunities than other major metro areas. If you’re a sucker for the south (and ready to jumpstart your medical career), you’ll be especially happy to learn that, of all these, Birmingham-Hoover, AL, has the highest concentration of healthcare and technical jobs in the country.

Do you spot a major move—or possible career shift—in your future?

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