5 Career Goals to Set in January

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Starting the year off on the right foot involves a lot more than a smoothie or two. If 2015 didn’t bring you quite the career growth you were hoping for, take a step back and think about what you can do to improve your chances of onward and upward in the new year. We have a few ideas…


You’ve applied this go-getter attitude everywhere from your shoe collection to the garage, but what’s going on at work? Everything from your workspace to your email inbox could use a good tidying up. Utilize folders, Google Docs, and your trusty trashcan to sort, prioritize, and do away with clutter. An organized work life is an efficient one!

EXPAND YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES Nobody ever had fun with the status quo. If it feels like your tasks are repetitive, or even boring, look into expanding your job responsibilities in 2016. What additional interests do you have? Start small, and ask your higher-ups for areas where the company needs help that might coincide with what you’d like to learn more about. New skills and responsibilities mean growth, and give you a leg up when you want to ask for a raise!


We’ve all had conference calls that should have been emails, but I’d also wager we’ve had emails that should have been face-to-face connections, too. There are so many opportunities for brainstorming, and understanding coworkers’ perspectives when you communicate in person. Working remote? Schedule more FaceTimes or Google Hangouts this year. Really connect, as you communicate.


One of the best ways you can contribute to your team, and your company, is by being someone who knows how to identify a problem, and suggest potential solutions. Coming to your boss not just with a problem, but with solution options too, demonstrates forward-thinking, and reliability. Are you an asset to your team? Prove it!


The phrase “business hours” doesn’t really exist anymore. Especially in startup environments, you can have the feeling that you’re always “on.” Know when to set boundaries for yourself so that you have time to recharge, and face the next day renewed and ready to be productive. Answering an email or two after dinner might work for you, but do you also need to dive into the inbox right before you go to bed? It’s your call—find out what works for you.