9 travel apps that just make sense

pre-boarding downloads for wanderlusters.

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Hotel Tonight If that Airbnb didn’t work out at the last minute, Hotel Tonight is a lifesaver. And money saver, while we’re at it. The app shows you nearby hotels–and all at discounted rates. We’re not talking random rooms either, expect posh digs, at pretty prices.

GTFO Sometimes you just need to get out, amiright? GTFO shows you flights out of your city, today. Pick a city with a flight price tag that looks good, and off you go!

TheListApp There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. TheListApp is essentially an entire app full of best-of lists. Type in the city you’re headed to, and browse away. Your itinerary will probably write itself.

Eversnap If “omg so cute text me that pic” is all you hear when you’re on vacay, set up an Eversnap for your travel crew. Everyone uploads their photos into one central location, where they can be saved and shared any way you like.

Uber You know you need this. Language barriers don’t mean much when you can just type in an address and enjoy the ride.

Tripit Tripit is a meeting place for every confirmation email you got when you were booking your trip. Keep everything in one organized place rather than rifling through ten different emails to find out what your flight number is or the address of your hotel.

Splittr Splittr is like large-scale Venmo. Add expenses from the entire trip into one app, which will then evenly divide the expenses among travelmates and distribute cash accordingly.

OpenTable  Don’t be the tourist who didn’t know you needed a rezzie. Look up restaurants or neighborhoods with great grub and book a table in advance. Rest easy knowing you have a delicious dinner waiting for you at the end of a long day of sights. This offline maps app will help you get around in areas where cell service is scarce, or you’ve already used up all of your data. You’ll be surprised how often this comes in handy, and you’ll never have to be that girl whipping out a map in public.