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courtesy of aelfie oudghiri

In the spirit of the Domino 2019 Spring issue, we’re celebrating bold living by taking a deep dive into the saved Instagram folders of visionaries and tastemakers who made this edition our most colorful yet. What better way to get to know someone than by sneaking a peek at their private photo log, right?

Aelfie Oudghiri’s world is packed with color. If the Brooklyn-based textile designer’s contemporary cottage on Long Island’s East End was the first indication that she has a penchant for bold geometrics and whimsical home decor, her Instagram feed is a short and sweet follow-up. The vivid visuals that end up in her personal saved folder aren’t just a reflection of the playful ethos that informs her eponymous brand, Aelfie, but they’re also the source for her brightest ideas.

You’d assume Oudghiri’s private Instagram habits would strictly consist of unexpected fabric choices, but in between treasured photos of pillows and rugs, you’ll find a slew of seemingly arbitrary images, from funky body art to book-covered coffee tables. Little did we know, her eclectic mix of ink and furniture is the secret source that keeps her spark alive at work and home.

So what big design moments is Oudghiri watching now? Here are 12 ideas she’s excited to try out in real life.

Large-Scale Prints


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Shane wearing the Hugo shirt I made on @printalloverme ?

A post shared by Leah Schmidt (@leahschm) on

As a true print connoisseur, Oudghiri understands the value of scale, and this quirky and adorable graphic is dishing up major inspiration for the future. “I love the scale of this dog-face print by Leah Schmidt,” she shares. “I also like how the dog perfectly matches the shirt.”



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Milly Fall ‘18 campaign @milly with @jessicavwalsh @adurasova @ciaobello82 @blonderexic

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Stripes are a classic for a reason. That said, timeless motifs can feel tired if you follow tradition too closely. For a fresh approach, Oudghiri is turning to Milly’s 2018 fall campaign for its “great colors and fun play on the pattern.” This is one floor-to-ceiling wallpaper moment we can’t wait to try at home.

Color Bombs

Two primary hues are better than one, right? While we’re taking this atmospheric explosion of color as a reminder to try out unexpected combos, Oudghiri is bookmarking this bold burst for work. “I like these color bombs and would like to use one in a photo shoot soon. I saved this to remind myself,” says the designer.


Calling all crafters: This is the next edgy way to elevate your favorite vintage pieces. “I love collage and decoupage,” she shares. “We’re developing wallpaper right now, and this dresser kicked off some inspiration.” Quick, someone hand us a glue gun.

Graphic Pillows


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A post shared by Rose Panke (@rosepanke) on

Look familiar? When Oudghiri spotted this Aelfie pillow out in the world, she felt proud. When we saw it, we felt an itch to redecorate our bedroom with whimsical throw pillows. “It’s nice to see our designs out in the world and being lived with. Tag us!” she shares.

Pink Floors


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New studio looking cute ?????

A post shared by Hattie Stewart (@hattiestewart) on

Who knew that the most underrated place to make a statement was right underneath your feet? Oudghiri is saving this hot-pink room as inspiration for her next office. “Hattie Stewart is a great illustrator with a great studio space. I just moved studios and saved this as a reminder that floors can (and maybe should be?) painted pink,” says the designer.

Art Across All Surfaces

“I want to work with this tattoo artist, Charline Bataille. Not sure exactly how yet,” says Oudghiri.

You don’t have to be a fan of body art to want to design a rug or a pillow that’s inspired by it. We’re excited by what an unexpected collaboration like this could mean for our living rooms.  

Stitched Embellishments


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August 31st!

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The throw blanket will always be a staple accessory in any home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t evolve. For this textile pro, the next big wave of blankets might require you to look a little closer. “There are a lot of neat little details happening on these textiles,” says Oudghiri. “[It’s] a reminder to mix it up and push the boundaries.

Coffee Tables–Turned-Libraries


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My dogs like to sit in silent judgment.

A post shared by Kim France (@kimfrancenyc) on

“This is the apartment of Kim France featuring our Maimana Blue rug. She has a great blog called Girl of a Certain Age, which I’m not the intended demographic for, but I love anyway,” says Oudghiri of this small-space living room save. Bibliophiles and color lovers alike can appreciate this tiny living room setup. Lesson learned? When you don’t have a proper room to designate as a library, use the coffee table instead.

Surrealist Sitting Rooms


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Room swoon. Thoughtspace by #philipgarner ? #inspiration

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Pink floors aren’t the only thing on the designer’s wish list. “I would suggest, dear reader, that you really take a moment to soak in this image. There is more than just that amazing pink piece of furniture,” suggests Oudghiri.

More Moroccan Rugs

You’ve seen them in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and everywhere in between, but have you seen them in a book? These sketches by Christopher Corr make a serious case for embracing Moroccan rugs across all capacities. “His style really speaks to me, and I’m a fiend for all things Moroccan rug–related,” says Oudghiri.

Home Sweet Home

Oudghiri’s last and final secret? Your home can be your greatest source of inspiration, reflection, and change. Which is why you’ll find old images of her Brooklyn townhouse in her mix of noteworthy images. “It’s actually styled totally differently now, but it’s nice to save some pictures of how it was before,” says the designer.

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