By Lacy Morris

Published on January 28, 2017

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Photography by NEW DARLINGS

Moroccan rugs are readily utilized by design enthusiasts being that they tend to be handmade and usually, one-of-a-kind. Some feature simple geometric shapes, in a palette of black and white, while others are wild and bright, standing in as statement pieces. Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were woven by native tribes to double as sleeping mats and bedding for warmth. Throughout the years their intricate compositions and cultural significance have found a place within modern design. Here, we rounded up the Moroccan-inspired rugs that made us fall in love with the trend all over again.

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Photography by Alyssa Rosenhack

There’s a lot going on in Elsie Larson’s bright and airy dining room. A bold wallpaper is perfectly countered with an understated Moroccan rug underneath.

See the rest of her Nashville home here

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Photography by Tigmi Trading

Black walls. Cement floors. Exposed wood beams. It’s a simple shell to showcase a collection of worldly and cultured décor items. This Moroccan rug reflects the designs of the Azilal tribe. They often used various dyes—indigo, saffron, madder root—to color sections of the rug. Blue was most notably the color of wisdom. 

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Photography by New Darlings

Natural elements are highlighted in this beautiful and earthy space – from the leather sofa to the wood slab stools. It’s a bohemian space effortlessly complemented by the geometric lines of the Moroccan area rug.

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Photography by One Little Minute Blog

Moroccan cactus silk rugs are usually characterized by their thin and soft weight, much like this colorful one that showcases animated figures reminiscent of tribal culture. If you can find a vintage one, you’ll have a handmade piece that’s constructed from silk drawn from the agave cacti.

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Photography by Daily Dream Decor

These Moroccan-inspired area rugs are right at home in their cultured and collected environment. What makes this room so special are the inevitable tales that come with each unique object.

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Photography by Coco Kelley

The rustic cabin-like home utilized a lot of layering in its globally-inspired living room. Atop the wide-planked floors lay two rugs, one a Beni Ourain Moroccan design and the other a durable weave.

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Photography by Old Brand New

This Moroccan-inspired cactus silk rug is unique with it 70s-esque color scheme. It calls for a bright and hearty welcome in a white-walled entryway.

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Photography by @blackbanddesign via Instagram

This serene palette, designed by Blackband Design, features a vintage, one-of-a-kind Moroccan rug which pairs perfectly well with the velvet, blush lounge chairs. 

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Photography by Jessica Glynn

This shaggy style is a Boucherouite Moroccan rug, characterized by its bushy pile and colorful design. Traditionally these rugs were constructed from recycled fabric straps, meaning they made for a soft landing pad.

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Photography by Idha Lindhag

The classic high-pile wool, ivory background, and geometric pattern are on display in this Beni Ourain rug. This style was first created by Beni Ourain tribes in Morocco’s Atlas mountains, and they’ve since become one of the most popular Moroccan-style rugs. 

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