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Camille Becerra’s Instagram packs as much flavor as the vibrant dishes she creates. The chef, entrepreneur, and hat aficionado—who has made a name for herself in the New York City food scene with her commitment to responsible farming and bold approach to plating—is both in tune with her taste buds and the images that surround her. Subconsciously drawn to earthy hues and consciously drawn to seriously cool accessories, her digital world is one where food, fashion, and design peacefully collide.

While you’ll find plenty of beautifully plated dishes on her personal feed, deep inside Becerra’s saved folder await the landscapes, people, and objects that have shaped her signature culinary approach. Ahead, Becerra satisfies our appetite for inspiration.


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My New Year’s Resolution™ is to be the icon that I already am, inspired forever by #BiancaJagger (1974)

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Who are the iconic women who are inspiring you right now?

I feel like I’m always drawn to women with a certain sense of style. Norma Kamali is really inspiring because she’s had a very successful fashion business and is still doing it. She’s, like, 70 years old but looks like she’s 35. Also, Georgia O’Keeffe—she had a great personal style—and Tina Chow. I’m so into her right now.

What are your favorite accounts to follow?





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Seville 1986 by Bruno Barbey

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Fashion and food are two strong themes here. What do they have in common?

I think they both tap into a certain lifestyle—this persona—that is connected to travel and work. Someone who wears really tailored workwear, for example. What does that person eat? It’s generally beautiful, local, fresh food. I picture someone who is a traveler. There’s a certain lifestyle to aspire to.

If you hosted a dinner party and only invited artists (dead or living), who would you invite?

Tina Chow, Nikki Giovanni, Coco Chanel, Erykah Badu, Patience Gray, Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, and Lena Horne.


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Romy Schneider by Milton Greene

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Hats have become an integral part of your signature look. Why do you think you’re drawn to this staple accessory?  

I’m an everyday hat wearer. I’m really into the flat-brim, flat-crown Cordobes hat, which originates from Spain. I’m so into that. I’m really inspired by that culture. I started wearing hats every day because of the work I do—to keep my hair up. From there, I developed a love for hats. They protect you from the sun, they protect you from the rain, they protect you from the cold, and even from the people you don’t necessarily want to deal with. It’s a necessity.


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What does your dream office look like?

Just like this. A beautiful, high-ceiling place in front of a body of water. I’m totally drawn to people’s workspaces.

What colors do you find yourself gravitating toward the most lately?

I like colors that are from the earth: clay, rust, certain greens, and yellows. Right now, I’m mostly drawn to rust.


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RG @sophiepinet

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What travel destinations are on your wish list for 2019?

Certainly Japan and the outskirts of Tokyo. Also, Morocco and other cities in North Africa.


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“Cocos” (1951) #FridaKahlo #Painter #Artist #Legend #Mexico #Art #Painting #History

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We’ve noticed that your Instagram folder is super organized. Are you naturally a tidy person?

In terms of images, I try to be really tidy. Only because they’re part of my research on certain things. I always have things in certain files—whether it’s in my phone as an album, on Pinterest, or Instagram.


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In love with these unbelievable ceramic tiles by @cristinacelestino for @fornacebrioni ???

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What categories do you use to keep your images organized?

I have one that’s for style, one that’s for travel, and one for still life. There’s design, there’s hat research, there’s one for visual media, there’s photographic landscapes (spaces that, whether they be inside or outside, offer a really interesting environment), art, and interiors. Those are the basics.


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Jungle inside by @wanderpic ? #inspiration #interior #style #nature #green #plants #view #light #window #photography

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What’s your go-to greenery?

I have a lot of succulents. Succulents are great for the city because it offers a similar environment to a desert. They get a lot of sun in the windowsill, but at night it gets really cold. From time to time, when I travel somewhere, I’ll pick up a little something and root plant cuttings in water. I love that my plants at home have a story. I brought them from somewhere. I’ve gathered the seed and planted them. I also have varieties of chili and mint at home, as well as agave. 

This image is hauntingly beautiful. How did this photo end up in your saved folder?

I make petit fours with each one a part of the face (a video of one version). I loved finding this photo as an inspiration for future petit fours.

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