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Your Instagram feed should be a place you can turn to not just for updates from friends, family, and the occasional celebrity but also for ample visual inspiration. There’s no lack of amazing artists on the app sharing their creations on a day-to-day basis, making it almost impossible not to find something that inspires you, no matter what your exact taste may be.

There’s an Instagram subset that, in particular, has caught our eye lately: illustrators.“The ones we find especially enticing are those who have a way with color. Whether they opt for moody, jewel-toned palettes or continually find new ways to make pastels feel exciting, they create images that spark endless joy. In landscapes and portraits, they create visually stimulating worlds, in addition to assembling color pairings that leave us with a few new ideas of our own. Discover 10 illustrators who keep us inspired every day.


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Known for her female-centric portraits, Steph Angelis creates body-positive illustrations in muted palettes. The act of scrolling through her profile is perfectly calming—after all, self-care is one of the major themes throughout her work.


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Pops of primary colors lend an energetic effect to Abbey Lossing’s illustrations, which largely center around people. Her color palette feels reminiscent of a Matisse painting and her illustrative style is perfectly whimsical.


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Melbourne-based Min Pin Design, run by Penny Ferguson, is rife with cheeky animal illustrations and nature-inspired patterns. Her work isn’t solely focused on illustrating, though—she also makes ceramics and jewelry.


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Yelena Bryksenkova’s portrait style is distinctive, using soft, on-trend color palettes (think: punchy pastels grounded against deeper primary colors). She frequently showcases figures in perfectly everyday scenarios with a touch of whimsy.


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A post shared by Sabrena Khadija (@sabrenakhadija) on


Brooklyn-based Sabrena Khadija creates digital illustrations that center on women of color, often alongside floral motifs or warm-toned palettes. If you really want to be mesmerized, watch one of her in-process videos to see her work come to life.


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A post shared by Amber Davenport (@amberstextiles) on


Nature lovers are sure to delight in Amber Davenport’s renderings of both flora and fauna. If you’ve never found a bug or fish—even a leaf—beautiful before, prepare to change your mind.


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A post shared by Megan Galante (@megangalante) on


The simple, frequently floral-themed work of Megan Galante is like a breath of fresh air. She’s a master of patterns but uses them in small, impactful doses—like in prints featuring vases or clothing.


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For something a bit “witchier,” consider following Camille Chew. Using motifs like potions, cauldrons, and the occasional skull, the illustrator explores the occult and mythology in her moody-hued work.


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Sweet, sometimes fantastical creatures make frequent appearances in Estée Preda’s mystical illustrations. The Québec City artist’s renderings are positively imaginative—like something out of a storybook.


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A post shared by Joanne Ho (@helobirdie_art) on


New Zealander Joanne Ho’s artwork is as invigorating a jump into the pool—after all, water is a pretty central motif in her illustrations. Pinks and turquoises make her work perfectly playful yet relaxing.

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