this 70’s glam library makes us rethink everything

one austin designer gives us glam--and we like it.

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Duffy Stone is an Austin-based designer who recently found herself in Dallas for a unique project. Designers often come in to create home offices and functional spaces, but rarely do those spaces get a heavy dose of 70s glam. To fun not to tell you about, we chatted with Duffy on how this visual treat came to be.

What inspired this redesign? Was this a room the client was hoping to redo for awhile?

The client wanted a functional workspace for a library/home office. They talked about redoing the room for over a year prior to the remodel, so we were all very excited when the timing was right to get started. 

Did your clients come to you with ideas or did they leave it all up to you?

The client was very open which allowed me to have “free reign” in selecting the initial elements for the space, which is sometimes a rare opportunity! We nailed the carpet and drapery selections very early in the project.  From there, we took our time selecting really interesting pieces, fabrics for pillows, objects and accessories to complete the design. I always encourage and appreciate clients who collaborate in the design process. I do have to say it was a collaborative and fun effort! 

What’s a good “starter piece” if we’re looking to bring a bit of the 70s into our homes?

Anything gold or metallic!  To me, it’s all about color.  My design style is definitely 70s-inspired, but I don’t always get to go “full-out” for a client. I try to interpret my love for all things 70s by using colors that reflect the decade mixed in with modern objects or shapes – that drives my style and approach to design.  

What pieces should readers invest in? Where should they be more frugal?

Invest in Drapery!  It’s such an important detail, choosing the right colors and making sure the size is just right.  It frames the room and sets the tone. I wanted gold tones throughout the space and was fortunate to purchase the perfect custom material for the drapery.  Frugal is good!  I love vintage furniture, accessories, art, lighting.  It’s an interest of mine to collect and scout unusual vintage pieces.  You can always off set the cost of custom drapery by mixing in a collection of more affordable furniture and accessories. 

What do your clients love most about this project?

It’s practical, has clean lines, and is beautiful.  It’s so comfortable to sit and work or you can use the space as a lounge area for guests. There are so many design elements wrapped up into one room.  It makes you feel like you’re in another time and place. 

Any favorite memories or anecdotes of this project?

My studio is based in Austin, Texas and this project took place in Dallas.  It’s always fun to work with new vendors in different cities. The Dallas shopping scene was incredible! We had a blast visiting amazing vintage design stores as well as interesting showrooms that slightly differ from here in Austin.  It was really nice to incorporate both great finds from Austin and Dallas.  The space is a fun mix of reflecting elements of both cities. Each piece was found with love and fun!  

Color plays such an important role in 70’s design. How was the color palette chosen for this space?

Gold was running through my head from the very start of the project! Gold, bras,s and wood elements, mixed with touches of glass + metallics gives it that ultra-glam vibe.  

What was the biggest challenge?

Finding a balance between the traditional architecture of the home and knowing how much to push glam, color, materials, and textures to ensure the room transitions well with the rest of the house. All the while pushing dangerously to achieve excitement and interest!  It is always a challenge knowing when “more is more” or “less is more” or “less is less.”     

Biggest surprise?

How the design really opened up the room. It’s become more than a library/office; it developed into a lounge space as well.  The homeowners can use the space to entertain and relax in a glamorous yet comfortable setting. You can fit quite a few people in this room.  It’s the perfect spot for gathering a few friends to drink scotch or gin & tonics!

In your opinion, what is the most special part of this room?

The marble selection on the custom built-in desk!  My clients and I sourced this particular piece from a showroom in Dallas.  We had the carpet and the drapery selected at this point so we were looking for the perfect marble top to tie it all together.  It’s White Beauty marble from Mongolia. The marble is truly a piece of art. The desk is accented with the marble top, glass shelving and brushed brass legs, along with some beautiful wood work. We had additional marble left over so were able to make a custom top for a pedestal table used in the entry of the home.  Both the desk and the pedestal table are extremely special to the client!  The marble is one of the most beautiful materials I’ve worked with to date. 

How can our readers incorporate the design elements shown here without their space feeling too “vintage-y”?

Add some glam!  If you add some shine and glitz to a space it will update the vintage-y feel.  Also, mixing in modern day shapes or materials in the furniture selections, accessories or art can help balance new and old.  Even as simple as throwing in a modern coffee table book can bring it back around to present-day mood. 

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Instagram @duffystone 

Contractor: Paul Rohus,  DPR Builders 

Carpenter James Martinek  

Photography: Lauren Logan