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We’ve had our heads in the past lately, with ’80s trends like terrazzo and glass bricks continuing to dominate our mood boards. But go back just a decade further and you’ll discover a ton of other colorful designs and cool shapes that deserve a comeback, too. While we’ve been obsessing over the Memphis Group, ’70s style has become primed for a reboot, and Urban Outfitters just made it easier to give your home the psychedelic update it’s been needing. The retailer’s two latest additions to its Artist Editions, Maisie Broome of Myfawnwy and Lea Carey, are masters of ’70s-inspired decor.

Yin and yang symbols, groovy oranges and purples, and mesmerizing marbling give their products flower-child appeal, without going too retro. This isn’t time capsule design, after all—Broome’s and Carey’s creations couldn’t feel more current, with their maximalist take on color and unexpected silhouettes. No need to commit to a total overhaul of your space. Just treat these items as accent pieces that will rev up your current interior. Shop our favorites, below, and check out the full collection here.

The Cool Cushion


Marbled Body Pillow
MYFAWNWY UO Exclusive Marbled Body Pillow, Urban Outfitter ($180)

Treat this body pillow like an XXL lumbar and suddenly your all-white bedspread looks totally rad.

The Celestial Curtain

Lea Carey UO Exclusive Personal Power Shower Curtain
Lea Carey UO Exclusive Personal Power Shower Curtain, Urban Outfitters ($39)

When you have a tiny bathroom, you have minimal space to make an impact. This cheeky shower curtain is a bold choice that won’t totally overpower the room.

The Mesmerizing Mirror

MYFAWNWY UO Exclusive Marbled Gateway Mirror
MYFAWNWY UO Exclusive Marbled Gateway Mirror, Urban Outfitters ($560)

This mirror really is the fairest of them all. Incorporate it into a gallery wall for an unexpected arrangement.


The Peaceful Pillow

Lea Carey UO Exclusive Landscape Throw Pillow
Lea Carey UO Exclusive Landscape Throw Pillow, Urban Outfitters ($49)

Your velvet sofa has pretty much been begging for this abstract landscape. Consider this permission to buy yet another throw pillow.

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