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If you love exploring beautifully designed stores (and who doesn’t, really), you’ve no doubt walked away with inspiration for your own home. We feel similarly, and today we’re collecting inspiration for one specific decor dilemma that causes problems for people short on closet space: The clothing rack. Nobody wants a plastic, pop-together rack they bought for $19.99. Let’s just get that out there. If you need more space for your stuff, take a look at how some of our favorite shops around the world are displaying their wares. 

Upper and lower shelves are key when you’re planning where to place your clothing rack. The multi-level approach helps with outfit planning in a really practical way. Unless you like the method of laying everything out on your bed first…

Wood can look sturdy without looking bulky, and this gorgeous design is proof. We love the natural wood finish as well, but could see something like this working in any accent color you’re hoping to incorporate into your room. 

Rose gold piping. Be still our hearts. You absolutely have our permission to fake this with paint, should you find it difficult to find actual piping this chic. This is also a really great argument for making sure all of your hangers match. There’s something so calming about this level of organization. (And then next time you’e in Melbourne, shop at Kloke !).

Same store, different rack. This design was worthy of two slides, TBH. 

Admittedly not the most practical clothing rack in this lineup, but far too cute not to include. We sense the potential for an epic birch log DIY…

Ah, the floating, well-organized rod suspended from the ceiling. Paired with with carefully thought out art, this extension of a closet is the decor equivalent of announcing to the world that you are, indeed, a grown up. 

We love the elegance of this clothing rack. It feels almost like a barre in ballet class. A strong, elegant statement, a storage solution like this may motivate you to keep your clothing organized…forever. 

The ladder + clothing rod combo. Cute, clever, and has the potential to hold a lot off stuff at a variety of heights. Feel free to scale down should you not have quite the high ceilings shown here. 

These gold accents tho! This beautiful, and we’re assuming custom, piece encases clothing as if presenting a work of art. We might add a shelf or two in the void above the clothing rod, but it’s pretty perfect as-is, too.