Published on August 25, 2021

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Courtesy of HAY

All over TikTok right now, people are attempting to climb a staircase of milk crates and getting hurt while doing it. While the enthusiasm for one of our favorite storage solutions is much appreciated, we prefer to keep our crates on the shelf, full of our favorite things. 

If there’s one thing the challenge has proven, it’s that milk crates are wildly durable. But the little boxes, often black, aren’t the most visually appealing. We’ve rounded up a few cute crates that we like to use for organizing craft supplies and even makeup. Please don’t climb them.

The Palette Cleanser 

Danish brand Hay’s crates are a crowd-pleaser, and we totally understand why. Available in 17 colors and three sizes, these space savers stack for ultimate efficiency. 

The Open-Ended 

Tired of having to remember which box is for which thing? Go for one with open sides (and a handy middle divider) and you’ll never ask yourself where that notebook is again.

The Mini Me

The extra-small size from Urban Outfitters perfectly fits on a windowsill (a home for your succulents!) or bathtub edge (so all your hair masks are within easy reach).

The Minimalist 

Taking up less visual space than their plastic counterparts, these airy baskets are best for bigger items that won’t slip through, like clothes or toys.

The All-Natural

If plastic isn’t your thing, have no fear. This pinewood crate offers a rustic approach to the storage trend—or a blank canvas if you’re in the painting mood.