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Oxo Spray Mop Feature Image

The Best Mops to Bring Home Are Lightweight and Let You Skip the Bucket

Our value pick weighs just 2 pounds.

laundry hanging by clothespins on a clothesline

The Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Neutralizes Odors With This Everyday Ingredient

We tested it alongside four others.

simplehuman trash can with open lid

The Best Kitchen Trash Cans Were Made for People Who Forget to Replace the Garbage Bag

They’re automatic relationship savers.

public goods fabric softener sheets

The Best Fabric Softeners Keep Laundry Wrinkle-Free—Even When Left Overnight

Our top pick is plant based.

Feature Image Freestanding Tubs

6 Designers on the Best Freestanding Tub Brands for Sudsy Soaks

Make it the centerpiece of your bathroom.

pink kitchen island with white cabinets and peel-and-stick backsplash

Keep Your Security Deposit With the Best Peel-and-Stick Backsplashes

Three rental-friendly options approved by designers and DIYers.

The Best Recessed Lighting, According to the Pros

The Best Recessed Lighting, According to the Pros

Highlight your artwork and bookshelves accordingly.

CommerceFeature_Images Tea Kettles Features

The Best Teakettles for Gas Stoves Can Handle the Heat and Still Age Gracefully

We put kitchenware’s timeless grandmother to the test.

Commerce Bathroom Sinks Feature

The Best Bathroom Sinks Go Beyond Porcelain to Concrete and Even Quartz

Shop eight of our home tour–inspired favorites.

Commerce Fire Pits FEATURE

The Best Tabletop Firepits Include a Mini Wood-Burning Solo Stove for Under $100

Our top four choices are small but mighty.

Commerce Mug Warmers Feature

The Best Mug Warmer Doesn’t Need a Souped-Up Coaster to Stay Hot

It’s built to insulate 90 minutes of multitasking.

Commerce Shark Vacuums Feature

In a Sea of Shark Vacuums, These 6 Are the Best

Sucking up everything from pet hair to spills.

white stacked washer and dryer

The Best Laundry Pods Easily Get Rid of Gym Stench and Grime, Regardless of Load Size

Tested on wine-stained clothes, bedsheets, and more.

Commerce Towel Warmers Feature

The Best Towel Warmers To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Fancy Hotel

One even lets you add aromatherapy oil.

Kitchen Sink

The Best Greige Paint Colors Aren’t Boring—Designers Share 8 Go-To Shades

Including the top seller in Nicole Gibbons’s living room.

Blueland Dishwasher Pods

I Tried 5 of the Best Dishwasher Detergents—Here’s Which One I’ll Buy Again

They’re all made from naturally derived ingredients.

Commerce Sewing Machines Feature

The 6 Best Sewing Machines, for Beginners to DIY Pros

Make everything from homemade quilts to blackout curtains.

Commerce Glass Cleaner Feature

The Best Glass Cleaner Is Plant-Based and Leaves Your Surfaces Schmutz-Free

We tested several, so you can skip the Windex.