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outdoor green tiled kitchen

This Tricked-Out, Tiled Outdoor Kitchen Is Better Than Most Indoor Ones

Refrigerated drinks drawers, anyone?

writing desk looking over ocean

The Neon Pink Glow in This Beach House’s Stairwell Isn’t From a Light Fixture

Here, stopping and staring is commonplace.

photo of jessica alba

You Can Buy All of Jessica Alba’s New Patio Furniture on Amazon

Even the (real) plants.

bathroom shelf with green crate storage

5 Actually Cute Crates for Organizing, Not Climbing

Unlike the TikTok challenge, storage doesn’t have to be painful.

a tablescape with blue tablecloth and candlesticks

IKEA’s New Collection Features a Ruffled Take on Its Signature Blue Bag

You can thank fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.

bedroom with exposed brick wall

The Cities Where You’ll Save the Most Money by Moving in Together

And how to achieve cohabitating bliss.

a vase with tulips and candlesticks

Hay’s New Two-Tone Tables Are Made From the Next It Material

The evolution of MDF, courtesy of Belgian duo Muller Van Severen.

green vase with fake flower

Etsy’s Latest Collab Brings the Disco Club Home

DJ Honey Dijon created her own museum gift shop for her Etsy Creator Collab.

blush pink hallway with white console

This Is the Most Googled Interior Designer of 2021

Our favorites of his tips and tricks prove why.