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photo of adele in a white suit

The Outdoor Chairs From Adele’s Oprah Interview Are So Chic We’d Put Them in Our Living Room

Here’s where to snag your own pair.

portrait of kris jenner

Glass Door Fridges Aren’t Just for Pro Organizers and Kris Jenner

Having nowhere to hide can be a good thing.

arched glass doors and red armchair

This Coworking Loft’s Space-Dividing Trick Offers Privacy Without Blocking Sunlight

Plus the other design ideas we’re stealing.

marble bathroom shelf

Put Scrap Stone to Good Use With This Small Space–Approved DIY Shelf

No power tools needed.

grey blue bedroom

Backdrop Has Three New Paint Colors, and One Is a Pastel Version of a Best-Seller

As soothing as bingeing Ted Lasso.

portrait of sarah jessica parker

We Found the Exact Blue Paint Color Used in Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Closet

For two nights only, you can rent the space on Airbnb.

striped bedroom

Good Striped Wallpaper Is Expensive—Painting the Pattern Is Not

Freehanding takes work, but it’s kind of addicting.

navy hallway with view of kitchen

A Brooklyn Co-Op Got the Parisian Café Treatment Thanks to a Big Marble Purchase

And jewel-toned walls that took six months to decide on.

neutral tablescape with wood candlesticks

Two Holiday Decor Launches for People Who Don’t Like Holiday Decor

No cheesy snowflakes or candy canes in sight.