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In a glass-door refrigerator, every Tupperware of leftovers and slowly wilting spinach leaf is on display for guests to see. Kris Jenner, momager extraordinaire, knows this better than anyone. Her daughter Kim Kardashian shared an image of her transparent fridge recently on Instagram, and it’s dedicated to only green vegetation (there’s an entire drawerful of Granny Smith apples). It’s aesthetically pleasing but totally lacking in organization, never mind practicality. 

Kitchens photo

Most of us will never reach Jenner’s level of dedication, but glass-front fridges are for regular people, too. Interior designer Shannon McLaren, for one, made the appliance her Newport Beach, California, kitchen’s focal point. “I don’t care if people see what I buy and eat,” she told Domino. The feature is like an extra window, reflecting light and adding dimension to the space. Plus there’s no fear of fruit spoiling when it’s in your eyesight at all times. 

The clear fridge can be intimidating for those of us who tend to treat the appliance’s shelves as a chaotic dumping ground. Not to mention you lose the use of those handy ledges on the door. Decanting and corralling ingredients by type will need to be your new normal. To make sense of treating the space like your own personal grocery store, here are a few storage solutions you’ll want to have out in the open.