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woman standing in yellow kitchen

This Jewelry Designer’s Pisces Sign Rules the Colors in Her London Home

So what if someone said it looks like Rio’s Carnival?

green speckled garage floors

For One Blogger (and Her Dad), This $134 Kit Is the Secret to Chic Garage Floors

The color combinations are endless.

model wearing apron and oven mitts

These Home-Cooking Staples Just Got a Nostalgic ’90s Upgrade

Courtesy of the Laura Ashley archive.

ikea cabinet with plants

This IKEA Staple Moonlights as a Greenhouse

Here’s how to keep your plants alive in one.

portrait of nicole richie

Nicole Richie’s New Etsy Collab Has a Fresh Answer for Your Blank Walls

And we’ve got ideas for how to hang the works of tactile art.

wood home exterior with large windows

How This New York Couple Lowered Their Home’s Energy Usage by More Than 70%

Plus what a passive home actually entails.

oscar isaac and jessica chastain

We Found the Divisive Green Couch From Scenes From a Marriage

No wonder Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain fought for custody.

beige colored living room and couch

You Can Furnish an Entire Living Room With IKEA for $1,300

Here are three ways we'd use put that budget to use.

kitchen with island and wooden kids table

The Tucked-Away Los Angeles Home of Two Self-Proclaimed Artsy Addicts

Its relative isolation played into the design.