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Pro tip: Complement Backdrop’s new blue-green hue with hints of burnt orange and copper, as Sheila Bridges did in her Hudson Valley project with a similar paint color.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the power of simple creature comforts, and as the weather gets colder this year, Gen Z’s favorite paint brand, Backdrop, wants to provide warm fuzzies in the form of new paint colors. The three shades—Earthly Delights, Gin Blossoms, and Silver Lake Dad—are ethereal additions to the company’s trendy color wheel. 

Pro Tip: Pair dusty lavender with warm hues like mustard yellow to keep it from skewing childish, as Matilda Goad did with a Papers and Paints purple and striped window treatments.

Earthly Delights, a pale orange with pink undertones, is a lighter play on Backdrop’s popular dark peach Aperitivo Hour, while Gin Blossoms is a warm lilac that brings creative energy to a space (ideal for long-term WFH life). Silver Lake Dad, a goes-with-everything gray-blue, is a nod to the beloved persona in that L.A. neighborhood, where Backdrop cofounders Natalie and Caleb Ebel live.

Pro Tip: Take a cue from Heather Taylor’s home and keep it light by combining peachy walls with other pastel pieces, like sky blue gingham linens and a pale pink rug.

The tonal shades are designed to be as soothing—and joyful—as everyone’s favorite soccer coach. “The colors are equivalent to binge-watching Ted Lasso,” explain the Ebels. “They make you happy, but the earnest sort of happiness you feel after you’ve been through it.” A much needed combination as daylight savings time ends.