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When you can’t bring yourself to do another puzzle and you run out of bread-baking supplies, there’s always paint. The simple act of covering a wall or updating a piece of furniture alone feels like an escape, and it definitely doesn’t hurt when the name of the product matches your mood. 

Buzzy paint purveyor Backdrop has experienced an uptick in customers since we’ve all been staying at home, and the hues that are flying off the shelves happen to boast soothing titles. In the past few months, orders for its earthy pink, 36 Hours in Marrakesh, and dark blue-green shade, Saturday on Sunday, have spiked 800 percent (both have even sold out four times). Requests for one of its longtime best-sellers, a pure white dubbed Supermoon, have more than quadrupled, and the company has already depleted its stock of its latest release, Ghost RanchReady to kick-start your next big quarantine project? Transform your space with these entrancing top sellers.

36 Hours in Marrakesh 

Inspired by cofounder Natalie Ebel’s travels to the vibrant city, this almost-terracotta pink is meant to capture the feeling of wandering the souks on the weekend. Channel vacation-worthy vibes the minute you walk through the door by swathing your entryway in the earthy tone. 

Saturday on Sunday 

If you’re starting to feel as if the days are blurring together, you’re not alone. Rather than fight it, embrace it with this moody tone, which loosely hints at three-day weekends.


All of Backdrop’s white shades have lunar references, and this popular pick has us dreaming of a galaxy far, far away. It might inspire you to brighten up dark kitchen cabinets or, at the very least, go stargazing at night. 

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