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You’ve been hard at work making your space feel as cozy and calming as possible, figuring out how to perfect your makeshift home office and getting crafty in your kitchen. But there are other places where a little extra love can go a long way. Across the world, people are decorating their front yards, making signs of solidarity to place in their windows, and finding ways to come together as a community while they’re cooped up inside. And all you need to join in are a few household items that you probably already have on hand. Here’s how you can spread the good vibes in your neighborhood.

Make a Rainbow This trend, which is believed to have started in Italy, makes isolation walks a bit more joyful: Put a drawing, collage, or tissue paper arrangement in your window and you can provide a ROYGBIV wonder for others to admire as they go rainbow-spotting.

Wrap a Tree Tying a ribbon around a tree is a classic move to show support for any given cause, and now it’s a great way to nod to essential workers. Check your local news to see if your town or city recommends using a specific color to do so, as some are suggesting a unified display of encouragement.

Bring Out Your Holiday Decorations Simple string lights, candles, and luminaries might often be reserved for the month of December, but they can spread a message of hope year-round. Not only will they (quite literally) light up your block, they’re pretty much guaranteed to induce a smile anytime you see them.

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