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So you’ve found your dream color. It’s the exact shade you’ve been looking for. Except…now what? Choosing a hue you like is one thing, but building an entire color story for a space is another. Enter Sherwin-Williams’s newest feature. The paint brand just launched Color ID, a personality quiz that stressed-out decorators can take to create a palette customized to their lifestyle.

After taking the quiz, you’ll get a recommendation for one of eight different sets, each with 16 paint colors. “We wanted to create a curated collection, but we wanted it to be unique,” Sue Wadden, director of color marketing, told us at the Color ID launch event. “Personalities really fit within that.”

Sherwin-Williams sees paint colors as opportunities to complement your lifestyle rather than just add pretty decorative accents. For example, you could be drawn to bright pink, but it actually might not fit in with the calming, minimalist vibe you crave when you come home after work. Realistically, no one is going to use all 16 paints in their living room, but maybe you’ll choose two favorites and think about the rest of the color scheme in terms of fabrics and flooring.

So which hues are right for you? Take the quiz to find out. In the meantime, here are our three favorite palettes:

Free Spirit

Do you dream of macramé and aspire to be just like Justina Blakeney? This is the color palette for you. Full of warm, sunset tones like corals and apricot, Free Spirit is all about bold, individual style with a boho twist. Pair the shades with rattan furniture and plenty of greenery to play up that aesthetic even more.


“These are our greatest hits,” said Wadden of this modern farmhouse-inspired set. “We wanted a palette that didn’t just say ‘farmhouse,’ but was also about entertaining and welcoming.” Indulge your inner Joanna Gaines (hard-core fans will recognize Silver Strand as a Fixer Upper favorite) with these colors, pairing them with rustic-style furniture and textured (dare we say shiplap?) walls.


This rich color scheme is for those of you who like to enjoy your morning artisanal coffee while flipping through the latest New Yorker and ruminating on the overnight oats in your fridge. It’s what Wadden affectionately dubs her “Portlandia palette,” a medley of deep jewel tones offset by subtle grieges. Go industrial-chic with your styling, or incorporate mid-century pieces to underscore the elegance of the hues.

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